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Pera Tile Unveils Innovative Waterjet Line at 2015 Kitchen and Bath Trade Industry Show (KBIS)

Dec 16, 2014

Pera Tile, a leading distributor in surface-covering products and related decor, will be showcasing its latest state-of-the-art waterjet mosaic line at the upcoming 2015 Kitchen and Bath Trade Industry Show (KBIS).  In booth S4079, Pera Tile will present their new, custom Atelier Pera Line along with their extensive portfolio of dynamic products, materials and designs.

“The design-conscious clientele wants the designs to be different and unique to them,” states company president Funda Gurgoze.  “They want to create their own design reflecting their own personal style.”

Atelier Pera promises to deliver exactly that. Translated from French, the word Atelier means “studio” or “workshop”. With Pera Tile’s new emphasis on consumer taste, this exclusive line of water jet products can be molded to fit every personality or space. The new trend in decorating and furnishing shows a high demand for more custom-made, higher-end products. For Pera Tile, it was crucial that their new line cater to this movement. Design-it-yourself and personalized wares are definitely on the rise.  Addressing this, Pera Tile’s new collection can be modified to any specification and all of the products are made-to-order. Pera Tile aimed at setting themselves apart by using unique textures and the natural vein patterns of the tiles to create their designs. The customizable nature of this new line makes it very unique in that it promises to aid consumers in capturing the soul and story of every space by letting them bring their vision to reality.

“We see a lot of different types of materials and textures used in the same installations,” said Gurgoze.  “Our clientele doesn’t want to be limited to a single material type or material from one part of the world anymore.”

Another cutting edge element of this new line is the website’s interactive workshop: The Online Customization Studio allows the client to pick the patterns, play with the colors, and choose a grout color among other features.  With one click, the consumer sends the design they created to Pera. They then register the project on the online Studio.  From there, clients can ask for pricing and samples to view their designs. With just a few clicks, right there and then, the product can be viewed.  There is no waiting for proofs or samples.

Atelier Pera and the Online Customization Studio is one of the most versatile and innovative launches from Pera Tile. Their already growing lookbook boasts an authentic portfolio consisting of various kinds of tiles, borders, moldings, and decorative inserts with quality materials and patterns such as marble, mosaics, travertine, limestone, basalt, and metal. The Pera Tile Design Team is always traveling the world in search of new materials and designs. Inspiration for this particular product line came from various schools of thought, modern and eclectic as well as classical and ultra-modern. Some of the designs have more traditional Moroccan motifs and others have more modern touches.  Atelier Pera consists of eleven exquisite designs including but not limited to Bohemia, Messina, Angelique and Vintage. Various shades of color are also available which include whites, grays, browns, beiges and blacks. Styles such as Bloom showcase a more floral pattern while styles like Vintage boast a more mid-century feel.

“Clients don’t want to wait for months to have their custom product brought in from overseas,” Gurgoze added. “A lot of designers and clients use the internet to look for designs. And with so many options available online, you have to be able to show them what they want to see immediately. Otherwise, you lose the interest and they move onto something else.”

All the mosaics are produced locally in California by experienced Pera Tile employees. With no middleman, the price is more affordable than other distributors of water-jet mosaics who subcontract the production.  Also, because it is local, production time is more than cut in half. The average-size custom mosaic is produced in 2-4 weeks compared to 8-12 weeks for imported products.  Local production also allows Pera Tile to mix materials from different parts of the world into the same design. The quality is much higher than any factory-produced standard mosaics purchased and brought in from overseas.

Specifics and additional collections can be found in the new online Atelier Pera catalogue as well as at

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