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Oasense’s Exhibition at KBIS 2023 Presents a More Enjoyable Eco-Shower Experience.

Jan 11, 2023

Award-winning startup Oasense is displaying its revolutionary Reva Showerhead at the KBIS 2023 taking place from January 31 to February 2. The product’s unique features are explained in Oasense’s booth.

Based in Mountain View, California, a pioneering team of Stanford engineers reimagined the water saving shower scene by creating a device that reflected their own personal needs and their desire to make impactful water savings an easy everyday practice for all. They achieved this by turning the concept of low flow showers on their head by maintaining the full pressure rinse that everyone loves and instead only limiting the water flow when the user steps away to soap up or during water warm up. This was made possible by creating first of its kind infra-red sensors, which are powered by a built-in hydro turbine, that can sense through foggy bathroom conditions. This allows the Oasense Reva showerhead to deliver precise automatic rinsing on demand and make considerable water savings on behalf of the user.

This advanced shower technology offers users the chance to do their part and give back to nature by simply altering their interactions with their shower and in turn, addressing water scarcity and drought conditions. In fact, showering is one of the leading water-consuming activities at home which can cause something called “habitual water waste” which contributes to more than 20% of the overall water loss in a household. Oasense is a step towards a more sustainable future, free from the threat of climate change.

If Reva was used in every US household the annual potential water savings could exceed more than 1 trillion gallons of water, which is equivalent to a reduction of 1.6 billion CO2, that would also contribute towards 250 million tree seedlings being planted via our eco partnerships.

You can get your hands on Oasense Reva on our official website and start saving water and energy the smarter way. Exclusively to KBIS the Oasense Reva in Matte black will be making its debut and on display for exhibitors to see firsthand.

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About Oasense
Oasense is a technology startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to design human-centric solutions that encourage enjoyable and sustainable experiences for our users. We believe that we can elevate the sustainable lifestyle to be more intuitive, elegant, and simple so that more people will join forces in contributing towards more positive environmental change.

Learn more about Oasense Reva here: