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Noted Interior Designer Eric Cohler Shares Insights on Working with one of Today’s Hottest Finishes-Copper

Jan 31, 2014

The new Brushed Copper finish from Amerock® is both timeless and on-trend, as New York-based interior designer Eric Cohler observes. Here, the award-winning Cohler shares his own ideas and insights on working with copper:


– Warm is Hot. “Copper, along with its chromatic cousins – brass, bronze and gold – brings a sense of warmth to the home. I love copper because it’s elemental,” says Cohler.


– Plays Well with Others. Cohler sees copper as a supremely versatile design element. Pairing it with natural wood, leather, or glass, Cohler says, creates a “calm, elegant impression” in any environment.


Combining a range of metal finishes is one of Cohler’s favorite creative strategies. “Especially in the bath, I don’t like fittings that are identical, that match everything in the room. By changing them up, you get a layered effect which is visually interesting.”


“More than other metals, copper can assume a unique persona,” he says. “Depending on how it’s finished, the metal plays differently in the light. For example, a hammered sink has shadowing on its surface; a polished faucet catches the eye with its shine; a brushed or matte finish adds depth and detail.”


But there are limits to copper’s compatibility. Cohler cautions, “I wouldn’t mix it too much with the primary colors, especially red, because that’s a part of copper’s base tone.”

– Cabinet Meetings. When it comes to decorative hardware for cabinets, a coordinated look is still the most popular among homeowners. For the more adventurous, Cohler proposes modified mixing of hardware. “As long as you’re consistent—for instance, all the wall cupboards are fitted with brass, and all the base cabinets and drawers have copper hardware—this approach will work. Don’t change the scheme with every other door.”


– Hardware Made Easy. Whether you have contemporary or traditional cabinetry, when shopping for hardware, Cohler offers a straightforward piece of advice. “The simpler the style, the better. If you use a classic design you can’t go wrong and you won’t have to replace it often. Conversely, if you want to go in a more playful direction, it’s easy and economical to replace handles and knobs.”


The designer suggests that fashion-conscious consumers keep two sets of cabinet hardware on hand. “You can change them every other year to keep the look fresh,” he says. “It’s simple: All you need is a screwdriver.”


Amerock’s new Brushed Copper finish is a warm and rustic surface with dark undertones. With a hint of industrial elegance, it is a stunning addition to a variety of design styles to create a look that is unique and elegant. Brushed Copper is available exclusively in the Candler, Mulholland™ and Allison™ decorative hardware collections, giving it the versatility to blend with both modern and traditional décor.


Eric Cohler is highly acclaimed for his distinguishing ability to fuse classical and contemporary elements. Dubbed “The Mixmaster” by industry editors, Cohler’s interior spaces display layers of unusual texture and color, and he is known for his carefully curated eclecticism. His New York firm handles residential and commercial projects throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. In recent years, Cohler has expanded to include product design for Lee Jofa and Visual Comfort; featuring his distinctive collection of fabrics, furniture, and rugs. For information, visit


Founded in 1929, Amerock is headquartered in Mooresville, NC. For additional information, visit the company website at or call (800) 435-6959.


About Amerock® Hardware:

Amerock markets and distributes decorative hardware solutions for the kitchen, bathroom and throughout the home that inspire, coordinate and express personal style. Founded in 1929, Amerock is headquartered in Mooresville, NC. For additional information on the company, visit the company website at or call (800) 435-6959.

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