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nobilia’s Showcases Timeless Modern Kitchen

Jan 20, 2023

Today’s modern kitchen breathes new life into what’s now and next. It honors nobilia’s form-follows-function philosophy, where technology-driven materials deliver on strength and durability. When it comes to style, the words to remember here are simple, clean, contemporary – and quality – in all the best ways possible, both inside and out.

For nobilia, everything has its purpose in modern interior design, from the clean lines of door fronts to integrated lighting and storage options. Our ARTIS kitchen provides an alpine white matte-glass appearance. The interplay of matte surface and modern aesthetic creates an ideal foundation for a kitchen that’s both exclusive and practical. ARTIS is the perfect example of what timeless modern means.

ARTIS Design Elements to point out (see what matters inside and makes nobilia stand out from the rest):

  • Front Artis, with exclusive polymeric glass finish
  • Alpine white, is a classic in architecture – a purist, elegant, and timeless design
  • Paris Metro tile as niche cladding, the trend for the kitchen
  • Havana oak as a warm accent to the black and white contrast
  • Handleless kitchen with XL carcass height (31 ¼”) in the new, modern front layout
  • Maximum use of storage space with new top cabinets planned up to the ceiling and new wall cabinets with a height of 51 1/8″
  • Vertical channel handles up to the ceiling

nobilia is the world’s largest European Kitchen Furniture Manufacturer. Serving 90 countries, building 753,000 kitchens per year, with 1.5 billion dollars in revenue.

nobilia manufactures 35,000+ different components using highly automated intelligent production. The company’s kitchen components meet the highest standards when it comes to construction, stability, safety and longevity, with quality that has been tested and certified.

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