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Niagara Conservation® Launches Groundbreaking Green City Program

Feb 1, 2014

Offering Sacramento Homeowners Eco-Friendly Installations to Maximize Water and Energy Savings
To help homeowners save thousands of gallons of water a year and hundreds of dollars on utility bills, Niagara Conservation, a leading manufacturer of water and energy-saving products, kicked off its Niagara Green City™ program in Sacramento, CA. Financed by the PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program and Ygrene’s Clean Energy Sacramento Fund, the turnkey Green City program provides local residents with the opportunity to upgrade their home with all new, eco-friendly bathroom plumbing fixtures from Niagara Conservation, as well as other green products ranging from solar water heating to outside irrigation systems, all without the burden of upfront costs.
Go Green and Save
With residential water meters now determining the cost of water bills in Sacramento at a time when energy costs are on the rise, Niagara’s Green City Program offers homeowners solutions to conserve water and energy, and ultimately money. First, an assessment of the home is conducted by a Green City representative to determine what products best meet the homeowners needs.
Included in the range of product offerings is: Niagara Conservation’s ultra-high-efficiency (UHET®) Stealth® toilet, along with a variety of Niagara water-conserving showerheads and faucet aerators, a solar thermal hot water system from AET, outdoor irrigation and control from TORO, a hybrid water heater from GE and a rainwater harvesting system from Rainwater Hog. Finally, once the assessment is complete and products are chosen, a certified Green Plumber provides installation in the home.
“We are thrilled to be able to kick-off this national program in California with such a water conscious city such as Sacramento,” noted Carl Wehmeyer, Niagara Conservation’s executive vice president. “As we roll out our Green City program nationally, we look forward to working with dedicated municipal leaders and utilities in cities across the country in order to bring affordable and effective water saving solutions to homeowners. By eliminating the upfront costs and providing immense savings on water and energy bills, Niagara is hoping to make water and energy efficiency attainable for all,” continued Wehmeyer.
In addition to Niagara’s offering, other home improvement options include: the solar thermal hot water system from AET – lowers energy costs up to 80 percent, the outdoor irrigation and control from Toro – reduces water usage by 50 percent compared to other methods, the hybrid water heater from GE – saves an average of $325 a year on utility bills, and the rainwater harvesting system from Rainwater Hog that recycles rainfall for resident use. By retrofitting homes with ultra-efficient plumbing and water heating systems, Sacramento residents can maximize water and energy savings without sacrificing performance, comfort or style.
Qualifications to Upgrade and Save
To qualify for Niagara’s Green City program homeowners must live within Sacramento city limits, have at least 15 percent equity in the home, be current on mortgage payment and property taxes and have not declared bankruptcy within at least three years. If eligible, homeowners can obtain funding support for a minimum of $2,500 and without having to pay the upfront costs through the partnership and funding of Clean Energy Sacramento by Ygrene.
Participants are required to pay for the conservation upgrades through installments added onto property tax bills, over a period of 20 years if needed. Sacramento residents interested in the program can contact a Green City representative for an in-depth home utilities analysis. With this analysis, homeowners learn which cost-effective installations best suit their needs to ensure the most savings possible. Niagara’s Green City program provides residents with the opportunity to greatly reduce their water and energy usage, as well as their utility bills, while providing a chance to upgrade their homes with an array of new products.
To schedule a free home water and energy analysis, Sacramento residents can call 1.877.733.0197 or visit
About Niagara Conservation
With a history of more than 35 years of quality and innovation, Niagara Conservation has earned a reputation as a premier manufacturer of high-efficiency water and energy conservation products, developing conservation solutions for plumbing professionals, utility companies, government leaders, energy management officials and environmentally conscious consumers. Founder and President William Cutler established Niagara in 1977, and the company is still family owned, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, with satellite offices around the world.
For more information on Niagara’s Green City program or the patented Stealth toilet, visit or call (800) 831-8383 x6. For media inquiries, contact Maureen Brennan at (312) 946-6075.