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New Dacor built-in refrigeration delivers ‘fresh’ food preservation alternative

Jul 27, 2015

New ultra-premium cooling products give appliance retailers, kitchen designers and homeowners the perfect complement to a full line of luxury cooking products

Dacor®, a leading manufacturer of ultra-premium kitchen appliances recently introduced its latest innovation, the Discovery® 36- and 30-inch Fully Integrated Refrigerators. This new line of fully integrated refrigeration, available starting this May, is the perfect kitchen complement to Dacor’s best-in-class cooking products.  Kitchen designers can now specify the complete Dacor kitchen and be

confident the cooling products will offer the higher level of quality, craftsmanship and performance for which Dacor’s cooking products are known.

“For the best success cooking your favorite meals it’s important to start with the freshest ingredients,” notes Dacor President Steve Joseph. “This refrigerator excels at food preservation thanks to the dual-compressor, dual-evaporator cooling system. When homeowners open this refrigerator, they’ll experience a new level of quality and style, with smart innovations that truly matter to the kitchen experience.”

TWEET THIS: Dacor Discovery Fully Integ rated Ref rig erators meets demands of today’s homeown er.

Meeting the discerning demands of today’s homeowner, the new Discovery Fully Integrated Refrigerators incorporate numerous exclusive features including FlushFit™, a patented hinge system that allows seamless, built-in installation for today’s luxury kitchen. The new hinge system also ensures balanced movement, stability and flush installation of custom panels with nearly zero clearance of the adjacent cabinets needed.

“Our new refrigeration line incorporates intelligent, intuitive design inside and out,” states Dacor CEO Chuck Huebner. “The flush design is what designers are looking for and the spacious interior offers ample storage that is a must-have for the passionate cook.”

Other exclusive features include SoftShut™ drawers that quietly pull the drawers closed with ease, white commercial grade interiors, Glass Touch controls, FrostWhite™ LEDs, and Dacor’s distinctive BeadBlast™ finish on all stainless crisper bins and trims. This unique process provides a scratch-resistant surface that is impenetrable by bacteria and odors for extended food preservation. The flexible FreshZone™ drawer can  be converted from freezer to fridge or used as a fresh food compartment, a great addition to any kitchen.

With its advanced vacuum insulation panel technology, the Discovery Refrigeration line meets the Department of Energy’s newest energy efficiency standards.

The Discovery 36- and 30-inch Fully Integrated Refrigerators are available in three configurations: stainless steel “Pro Style” with top compressor, stainless steel with bottom compressor or custom panel ready with bottom compressor.  All configurations are available with left- or right-side hinges.

Retail prices range from $6,999 to $7,999. To find a local appliance retailer or for more information about Dacor and its products, visit

Product specifications:

36-inch Stainless Steel, Top Compressor (Pro) Model (DYF36BFTSL and DYF36BFTSR) Total capacity: 19.3 cubic feet (14.5 ft3 refrigerator & 4.8 ft3 FreshZone / Freezer) UMRP $7,999

36-inch Stainless Steel, Bottom Compressor (DYF36BFBSL and DYF36BFBSR) Total capacity: 19.3 cubic feet (14.5 ft3 refrigerator & 4.8 ft3 FreshZone / Freezer) UMRP $7,799

36-inch Panel Ready, Bottom Compressor (DYF36BFBPL and DYF36BFBPR)Total capacity: 19.3 cubic feet (14.5 ft3 refrigerator & 4.8 ft3 FreshZone / Freezer) UMRP $7,299

30-inch Stainless Steel, Top Compressor (Pro) Model (DYF30BFTSL and DYF30BFTSR) Total capacity: 15.5 cubic feet (11.5 ft3 refrigerator & 4.0 ft3 FreshZone / Freezer) UMRP $7,699

30-inch Stainless Steel, Bottom Compressor (DYF30BFBSL and DYF30BFBSR) Total capacity: 15.5 cubic feet (11.5 ft3 refrigerator & 4.0 ft3 FreshZone / Freezer) UMRP $7,499

30-inch Panel Ready, Bottom Compressor (DYF30BFBPL and DYF30BFBPR)Total capacity: 15.5 cubic feet (11.5 ft3 refrigerator & 4.0 ft3 FreshZone / Freezer) UMRP $6,999

About Dacor: 

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, Dacor is a manufacturer of ultra-premium kitchen appliances. Designed and built in California, Dacor’s cooking appliances integrate function and technology to create high-performing, intuitive products that reflect the lifestyle and needs of the passionate cook. Since 1965, Dacor has been responsible for many of the innovations that have improved the way people cook in the modern kitchen.  Dacor is family-owned and embraces the legacy, heritage and expertise of a third generation to lead the company into a new age of cooking innovation. Dacor is also the first and only ultra- premium appliance brand to be tested and recommended by the Master Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu. Le Cordon Bleu is considered the world’s most respected culinary arts and hospitality educator

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Discovery 30-inch Fully Integrated Top Compressor with bottom drawer ice maker DYF30BFTSR
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