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New Cination iSense Convenient, Completely Hands-Free Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet

Feb 6, 2014



iSense™ Touch-free Intelligent Faucet from Cinaton provides an

intuitive, innovative, completely hands-free kitchen and

bathroom faucet that responds to users’ simple hand movements

to control water temperature and flow.


• The elegant stylish design of iSense faucet eliminates the

conventional faucet handle, level or turning knobs making the

iSense faucet simpe, easier and more convenient to use.

• The advanced innovative Cinaton’s five sensor design includes

13 functions for user to control water temperature, water flow

without using the conventional faucet handle, level or knobs

without touching any part of faucet. Three easy user

programmable setting enable the user to save their favorite water temperature and water flow for different applications

without wasting time and water to readjust water temperature and flow.

• The innovative digital control valve design features advanced

digital modes, to free hands from touching the faucet for all

kitchen and bathroom works.


1. Completly touch free to adjust water temperature and water


2. An unique innovative “pause” function to disable the center

Easy Sensor to stop water flow for user working in the sink


3. The module design made the installation process simple and

easy. Only a digital controller with a sensor cable and water

hose to be connected to the spout.

4. Complete hands-free technology reduces the spread of germs.

5. Saves water when using the Easy Sensor (the center C Sensor) for intermittent water flow when user’s hands or an

object of the sensing zone.

6. Four AA batteries for back up if it loses AC power supply.

7. An LED light indicates all the operating functions that user

performed. It also provides eary warning of low AC power

or low battery.

8. Three user defined favorite programable settings of water

temperature and flow for comfort and convenience.

9. A preset maximum water temperature setting is available

to prevent scalding.

10. Twelve unique styles of kitchen faucets and bathroom

faucets for all size of kitchen and bathroom sink application

such as two or three bowl sinks, island or bar sinks,

above-counter sinks etc.