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Neolith by TheSize Announces Four New Colors for 2019 Catalogue

Nov 29, 2018

Las Vegas, NV – November 28, 2018 – TheSize, manufacturer of the sintered
stone brand,
has announced four new exquisite color introductions for its 2019 catalogue:
New York-New York, Mar del Plata, Mont Blanc and Sofia Cuprum. These cutting-edge
surfaces are set to debut to the North American market at the prestigious 2019
Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), in Las Vegas, NV on February 19
through February 21 at KBIS Booth #


rigorous market research and live-surveying among architects, designers, and specifiers
at several special events held in tandem with some of Europe’s most elite
design trade shows, the new
décors are a direct
response to today’s hyper-realistic surface design trends seen in high-end
residential and commercial architecture. Visitors were invited to select their
favorites from eight prototype designs, with the top four choices subsequently
selected for the 2019 collection.


new colors are complemented by an expanded range of Neolith products, including
four new additions to both the 3mm and 20mm range thicknesses. Furthermore, the
slabs have been created utilizing a new eco-friendly production process called
HYDRO Neolith Digital Design 2.0 (HYDRO-NDD 2.0), a water-based decoration
technique which helps reduce contaminating emissions.

New Colors

Neolith New York – New
: Start spreadin’ the news

by The Big Apple and the city’s infectious energy, iconic avenues and majestic
New York-New York is
the latest addition to the Neolith Fusion collection. A visually appealing
surface, its distinctive grey tones incorporate a highly realistic, full body
edge that seamlessly blend matte and shine particles to create a beautiful,
on-trend and urban style effect.
homage to the classics, the surface responds to the revival of interest in concrete
to create sleek and modern industrial applications throughout the home.


New York-New York is offered in Silk finish in
3mm, 6mm, 12mm and 20mm thicknesses and available in 3,200mm x 1,600mm and
3,200 x 1,500mm slab formats.
  It is
ideal for countertops (12mm & 20mm), flooring and interior wall cladding (3mm
& 6mm).


Neolith Mar del Plata: Exquisitely exotic, perfectly pearlescent


by its striking wavy, iridescent quartz banding against a bold grey backdrop,
Neolith’s new
Mar del Plata décor
takes inspiration from the exotic Dark Pearl granite, a Brazilian stone from
TheSize’s Granith
collection. The white and lighter grey striations create a beautiful ripple
effect, one that resembles fluidity akin to flowing water inspired by a mighty
South American river. Crafted using a special technique, the slab showcases the
unique texture to the veining that creates a one-of-a-kind look and feel to the
surface. Flecks of shine particles throughout the stone also create a beautiful
nacre effect.


Part of the
Neolith Fusion collection,
Mar del Plata
is offered in a special Slate finish in 6mm and 12mm thicknesses and available
in 3,200mm x 1,600mm and 3,200 x 1,500mm slab formats. It is ideal for
countertop (12mm), flooring and cladding applications (6mm).


Neolith Mont Blanc: Scaling new heights


Mont Blanc, an homage to
White Quartzite, is the newest addition to Neolith’s Classtone collection.
Durable and stylish with a sophisticated marble look, this slab is highly
popular due to its alluring qualities and low maintenance characteristics.


enrapturing neutral tone draws inspiration from the pristine slopes and
glamorous ski resorts of the French-Swiss Alps, combining a rich white
background with subtle veining in deep black, oxide and ochre hues. The 100%
natural slab has been uniquely crafted using a distinct technique where the
inward relief of the stone is exactly where the veins are, delivering an
original texture which is pleasing to the touch while evoking the soaring
beauty of the alpine landscape.


Mont Blanc is offered in a Silk finish in 6mm and 12mm
thicknesses and available
in 3,200mm x 1,600mm
and 3,200 x 1,500mm slab formats. It
is ideal for countertop (12mm), flooring and
cladding applications (6mm).


Neolith Sofia Cuprum: Rust never sleeps


the evolution of Neolith’s Steel Collection comes
Sofia Cuprum, a mesmerizingly dark and sober surface inspired by
the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid from world-renowned French architect, Jean
Nouvel. The metallic slabs use a wide variety of diverse colors, patterns and
textures, and have been manipulated to create surface effects through
contrasting hues, mottling and varied degrees of patination. The semi-polished
finish creates an irregular and burnished impression that gives the surface a
worn-in, yet striking, touch and feel.


Neolith Sofia Cuprum is offered in Shine Silk
finish in 6mm, 12mm and 20mm thicknesses and available in 3,200mm x 1,600mm and
3,200mm x 1,500mm slab formats. It is ideal for countertop (12mm & 20mm),
flooring and cladding applications (6mm).


Increased 3mm and 20mm range

The growing demand in 2018 for both 3mm and 20mm
thicknesses has encouraged Neolith to increase these ranges.

Four popular patterns have been added in 20mm to the 2019
catalogue: Pietra Di Piombo Silk, Estatuario 01 Polished, Calacatta Polished
and Basalt Grey Satin. Aspen Grey Silk, Concrete Taupe Silk, Blanco Carrara 02
Silk and Calatorao Silk are now available in 3mm.

This brings 20mm collection to 24, offering a greater
degree of variety and creativity to designers when using Neolith within the
kitchen or bathroom environment.

a splash:

with the 2019 collection, the slabs have been created using a revolutionary
production process that will deliver the same high-quality colors in a more
ecologically-friendly way. HYDRO Neolith Digital Design 2.0 (HYDRO-NDD 2.0)
uses the latest pigments existing in the industry to further enhance the
saturation and details of the surface.

The new process achieves exactly the
same, high-quality patterns, but with a far lower carbon footprint. This offers
designers more possibilities than ever before to realize their dream spaces,
while also emphasizing Neolith’s commitment to being the most sustainable sintered
stone brand on the market.

With the new introductions, Neolith now offers over
60 different designs across its seven collections—in multiple finishes and
thicknesses—providing specifiers with a broader range of design possibilities.

products are available in the U.S. and worldwide through a large network of
distributors. For a location near you or to learn more, visit




TheSize Surfaces SL
TheSize was founded in 2009 with
the objective of expanding and improving the thriving ceramic sector prevalent
in the company’s headquarters, Castellón, Spain. The company launched
all-natural sintered stone Neolith in 2010, a durable material created through
a high-temperature, high-pressure process called sinterization.
  For more information on TheSize and its products,
please visit