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Jan 8, 2015

Native Trails’ new concrete sinks, made of a gorgeous and groundbreaking cement and jute fiber mixture called NativeStone™, are poised to spur the concrete trend in home design and energize the kitchen and bath industry. NativeStone™ has already helped Native Trails, located on California’s Central Coast, gain entry into more than 50 new kitchen and bath showrooms across the United States. Founded in 1996, Native Trails is renowned for its fine, hand-crafted sinks and bathtubs—made of recycled copper by world-class artisans who profit directly from their work—in addition to bath furniture, range hoods, and lifestyle products.

The NativeStone™ line, which includes kitchen, bar/prep, and lavatory sinks, is an immediate and enormous hit with showrooms, interior designers, and homeowners. These sinks are impervious to staining and are cool and silky smooth, thanks to a cutting-edge nano sealer. Jute fiber is integrated throughout the concrete, resulting in a material that is highly resistant to cracking. NativeStone™ is also Native Trails’ most affordable kitchen and bath product line launched to date.

“Our customers are going to love NativeStone™ as much as we already do,” says Dion Wilson, Manager at Waterhouse Bath and Kitchen Studio in Perrysburg, Ohio, one of the 1,300 showrooms in the U.S. and Canada where the NativeStone™ products will be sold. “It is one of those tactile products where seeing is just not enough; everyone is drawn to touching and feeling it. These sinks are a real game-changer because they give our customers the option of concrete without the cost and challenges that come with a custom-made concrete product.”

NativeStone™ fully upholds Native Trails’ Eco-Social Positive™ commitment to only make and sell products that have a positive influence on our world, both socially and environmentally. By adding jute—a natural, renewable vegetable fiber—to the proprietary concrete blend, Native Trails has reinvented concrete as we know it. NativeStone™ concrete sinks are 40 percent lighter, much stronger, and far more sustainable than traditional cement sinks since they make use of natural resources, generate less waste, and require less energy than ordinary concrete production. Less heft also makes them easier to install and less expensive to ship than traditional concrete.

“Concrete is an emerging home design trend that we see used far more often for countertops, floors, furniture, and even home exteriors,” says Native Trails CEO and Founder Naomi Neilson Howard. “NativeStone™ makes great use of concrete’s natural beauty and its natural color—gray—which is also a hot design trend right now, and avoids all of its previous downfalls. It is gorgeous and silky to the touch. For the first time, concrete communicates luxury just as powerfully as it does function.”

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