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Nasoni Steps Up As Green Exhibitor at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) With Water Saving Fountain Faucet

Dec 2, 2021

(Suffolk, VA) -American families tend to waste water at an alarming rate, a trend that Steve Waddell has made a commitment to reversing. His company, Nasoni, produces an innovative line of faucets and filters that are helping to reduce the millions of gallons of water wasted every day. An elegant sink fixture that can transform into a high-arc water fountain with just the flip of a lever, Nasoni fountain faucets are able to deliver pure, clean water in a manner that outperforms standards established by both Federal and Local governments.

Faucets of old generally produce as much as 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm) of water. Cooking, bathing, brushing teeth, and other water-related activities can easily add up to about 300 gallons used per family, per day, in America. Such a troubling statistic this was, that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established the WaterSense initiative in hopes of preserving the nation’s water supply. As defined by it, faucets are required to produce no more than 1.5 gpm to be considered WaterSense compliant. The state of California also has its own guidelines limiting faucets to 1.2 gpm.

Steve and the team behind Nasoni sought to improve upon these parameters, and thanks to a partnership with Neoperl®, a respected producer of water-reducing aerators, they’ve been able to accomplish just that. Nasoni’s elegant line of premium fountain faucets can deliver water not only through the downspout as usual, but also through an arc dispersed via the top of the fixture, akin to a water fountain. This exclusive faucet-to-fountain technology reduces per minute gallon expenditure to a mere .26 gpm! That’s a savings of more than a gallon per minute over WaterSense standards.

Aside from reducing water waste and the costs families incur because of it, Nasoni fountain faucets have been lauded for their approach to health and wellness. When one considers all the things that take place in the bathroom, it’s no surprise that the amount of bacteria that can be ingested when brushing teeth or grabbing a sip is astonishing. The water fountain effect of a Nasoni faucet immediately rinses clean anything that may have accumulated in the spout and allows access to clean water without the need for cups.

Nasoni fountain faucets are available in models designed for both residential and commercial use, and pair extremely well with their high-end line of water filtration products. View the entire product line here.

*Patented in the US (US 2019/0071850 Al, US 11,155,984 B2) & China, additional patents pending.