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MONOLITHIC BEAUTY by Designer: Alessandro La Spada

Dec 29, 2015

From 19 to 21 January 2016, Antolini is to present a dreamlike and enveloping space at KBIS Las Vegas conceived by the visionary designer Alessandro la Spada. A unique material – Fusion WOW – in various textures and finishes creates a spectacular, theatrical backdrop made of magic and mystery.

Walls, floors, backlit surfaces and central volumes: all play a part in the spectacle of a kitchen with a strong personality, where the expressive force of the natural stone becomes a material continuum of sublime beauty.

The hues of the stone are iridescent and multicolour, with shades of blue, orange, brick and golden.  An explosion of tints and puffs of colour that merge and mix with random and surprising majesty. The sense of wonder encompasses all the details of the composition. The volume of the basin area, the water zone, is a single plane where elements dedicated to washing and preparing food are blended together, emphasising the cleanliness and elegance of the space.  The cooking area by the wall seems to be incorporated in the rock, yet clearly separate and bounded within the entire material surface. The storage area, finally, is made of backlit vertical blocks, where the thin surface of the slab offers an original perspective of the same material. The gilded lamp, with a metallic finish, reiterates the gold and ochre colours of the stone’s veins, lending a touch of preciousness and style.


Alessandro La Spada, the eccentric and eclectic Italian designer known for his inexhaustible creativity, has always been fascinated by the emotional aspect of objects.  He combines in his work a skilful ability to mould the materials with extreme care over the details and patient determination in following the creative process from the idea to the final creation. He collaborates with the most important brands in the furnishings industry, designing rooms and collections with a firmly dreamlike character.


Fusion Wow | Original  “Dark”  

It seems to have stolen its colours from the depths of distant oceans, where reddish coral full of charm and mystery are entwined: this is Fusion Wow “Dark”, a quartzite that captivates every observer, engulfing them in its dappled blue.

This wonderful natural stone is now offered in a world exclusive by Antolini.

Mysterious abysses seem to offer mankind enchanted hues, brushstrokes on a priceless natural stone, unique in the world: a precious tool for creating futuristic and surprising architecture.  Major designs and projects can find in Fusion Wow “Dark” a material capable of transforming ideas into reality.

Fusion Wow | Original “Light”

For universes in continuous development like those of architecture and interior design, the ability to offer exceptional new “tools” in the service of creativity is fundamental.

So here is a sophisticated and precious material that Antolini is adding to its wide range of natural stones: it’s Fusion Wow | Original “Light”, a quartzite that is perfect for adorning the most fascinating projects.

This wonderful natural stone, unique for its colours and stunning veining, is now offered in a world exclusive by Antolini.

The shades of green spread like gentle waves, or a field blown by the wind, a clear echo of the natural world, so dear to the company.

The new product from Antolini can be customised with any finish and takes its place with the “Dark” and “Multicolor” versions as a material of unequalled intensity.

Fusion Wow | Original “Multicolor”

Like an encompassing tropical fragrance, it brings to mind the intense colours of ripe papayas, the pleasurable aromas of spices and fragrances from distant lands: this surprising natural stone, appreciated throughout the world and now offered in a world exclusive by Antolini, speaks to us of travel and adventure.

The Fusion Wow “Multicolor”, with its emotional charge, is recognised at first glance by its iridescent flares. These natural designs bestow depth to surfaces and convey a peaceful sensation of welcome.

This multicolor quartzite is able to amplify spaces, generating volumes and bringing its personality to even the most ambitious projects.

Warm colours run in flowing lines, joining in a pleasing anthology of hues and shades, like an artist’s palette.

Media Contact:
Giulia Pordd
+39 340 8329529

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