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MIMI Prestige Collection Wall-mounted

Dec 22, 2015

Modern, elegant, and smooth to the touch, this MIMI basin is sure to become an outstanding feature in your bathroom. Utility doesn’t have to exclude style, the MIMI basin is a celebration of symmetries and spec- tacular design innovation, with the Prestige collection and the Colour Me series.

This amazing product from Valley is available in white and manufactured in Canada. Add a pop of colour to the drain to add a piece of vogue into your own home.

MIMI is made out of Shila Stone and so is the console, it is extremely hygienic and has zero pores.

Faucet Console

Another amazing innovation by Valley is the Faucet Console which you can easily add to MIMI with a pop of colour or buy it on its own!

The Faucet console allows for easy installation of a wall faucet and provides a clean and seamless look. Unique and elegant, it will brighten up your space and make your bathroom a true masterpiece.

Shila Stone and Aura Stone 

Shila Stone Basins are manufactured with the environment in mind. These unique basins are part of Valleys Enviro Seal Collection, and are manufactured using environmentally friendly materials and processes. Accent your bathroom or create a focal point with these fully colour customizable basins.These basins are also manufactured to the highest standards of modern design so they are great as accents to Valley’s Colour Me Series shower bases, or as standalone pieces.

Valley’s Signature Shila Stone material is a nonporous material that is more durable than acrylic. It is exceptionally strong, resistant to etching or staining as well as being leak proof and easy to clean.These basins are also manufactured to the highest standards of modern design.

The Colour Me collection will satisfy all your imaginative desire. Use warm colour for a bright pop of colour, choose cool colour to create a focal point or pick a neutral one to accent any modern design!

  • Colour me blue delight, a chance to inspire
  • Colour me cabaret pink, a creation of desire
  • Colour me dream green, each and every shade of green,
  • Colour me solar yellow bright and clean
  • Colour me shades of white and gray; soft and chic

Media Contact:
Ravi Bansal
(877) 398-8827

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Valley Acrylic_Mimi_Wall Hung Basin
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