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Mat Inter at KBIS 2019

Jan 24, 2019

Mat Inter is a well-established French company creating beautiful products for bathrooms, kitchen and other tiled surfaces. Mat Inter was founded 60 years ago. We are one of the major players in the French and European market. We are well known for our exclusive designs for mosaics and tiling trims with products mostly conceived in-house.

We have developed and patented a unique concept: fixMI®, a revolutionary new way to fix your bathroom accessories!


We are convinced that fixMI® will meet the high expectations of the American consumers and KBIS is the best place for us to present this breakthrough innovation in the North American market.


We are pleased to introduce fixMI® at booth SL3054, South Hall.


Let us explain how this new system will transform your tiled bathroom or kitchen walls:

After remodeling or building a bathroom, the first thing everyone needs to do is to hang accessories such as hooks, towel racks, shelves etc.

 Here the worry to break the brand-new tiles begin!


fixMI® is the design solution to this problem:

No more holes drilled in your tiles!

No more accessories fixed with glue or suction cups which never hold!


The patented fixMI® system combines

•  a specially designed decorative tiling trim with

•  various beautiful ranges of accessories to respond to all the organizational needs for your bathroom and kitchen


The trim is fitted during tiling and looks like a beautiful decorative listello with a very elegant and minimalistic design.

Accessories are solidly fixed to the trim with a good load-bearing capacity (for example the towel hook holds > 20 pounds).


With fixMI®, not only can you fit accessories along the full length of the trim, you can also change the position of them whenever you want! A strong fit but complete flexibility!

fixMI® is an internationally patented concept designed by Mat Inter.