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Mansfield Plumbing Debuts its First Walk-in Tub, With Soaker, Whirlpool and Air-bath Options

Apr 19, 2013


Homeowners can enjoy both safety and luxury with the new Restore

Mansfield Plumbing Products (Mansfield) announces the launch of its Restore Walk-In Tub, the perfect combination of safety, style and relaxation. The tub’s water-tight door lets homeowners easily enter and exit without having to climb over the deck. The Restore’s ADA-compliant seat lets bathers remain upright while immersed in water and makes getting in and out of the tub even easier.

With the Restore Walk-In Tub, bathers no longer have to sacrifice luxury for safety. Homeowners can choose a traditional soaking tub or a model with spa features, including a whirlpool, air bath or combination (both air and whirlpool jets) for the best of both worlds.

Restore Air Bath Features

  • 16 strategically placed jets

  • Hygienic purge to clear the air channels after each bath

  • Check valves to prevent water from flowing into the air lines

  • Raised air button control so users can activate the tub with any part of the hand or arm

  • 120V, 8 amps, ¾ HP blower with heating element that warms the air before it enters the bathing well

Restore Whirlpool Features

  • Five hydrotherapy jets that massage specific parts of the bather’s body, and are directionally adjustable and can be individually closed

  • Adjustable jet volume to create a more vigorous or gentle massage

  • Inline heater to maintain the water temperature

  • Touch control button that only activates the pump/motor when there is water in the bathing well (this prevents accidental activation)

  • 120V, 13.5 amps, 1 ½ HP motor

“While the Restore is a fantastic option for anyone with balance or agility challenges, our new tub is also an ideal choice for anyone who wants the comfort of sitting upright while bathing,” says Charles Scott, vice president of marketing for Mansfield Plumbing. “And while its safety features make it a unique tub in our product line-up, the various models and their spa-like amenities give homeowners the affordable luxury they’ve come to expect from all of Mansfield’s offerings.”

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