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LX Hausys America Announces New Website to Improve User Experience

Feb 7, 2022


ATLANTA, Feb. 8, 2022 – LX Hausys America Inc., an innovative manufacturer of building and decorative materials, announces the launch of its new website: The new site seamlessly brings together the entire family of LX Hausys products – HFLOR Resilient Flooring, Viatera Quartz Surface and HIMACS Solid Surface – while providing a richer and highly engaging digital experience for customers.

“We want customers to find value through assorted space segments and an exciting visual experience. This new website achieves that while enabling customers to easily find what they want,” said LX Hausys Ltd. CEO Kang Gye Woong. “Under our vision of ‘Creating human-friendly, eco-conscious living spaces,’ we are constantly challenging ourselves to innovate and create greater customer value, which is our number one business priority.”

At its core, the new website features a streamlined, modern design, improved functionality, and an intuitive digital interface to help trade professionals and homeowners easily view and access essential information to make well-informed decisions about their surface and flooring needs. The site also includes several ways for customers to envision which products best meet the design visions they have for their spaces.

Built around customer feedback, the mobile-friendly site includes these notable new features:

● Visual Space Recommendations
Visitors can visually experience how and where LX Hausys’ products are used in multiple realistic commercial and residential settings through an engaging visual space recommendation feature called HLAND. With its next-generation, game-like 3D imagery, customers can “enter” room scenes such as, but not limited to, hotel rooms, flexible office workspaces and restaurant dining areas. They can then click on the LX Hausys products within those environments to gain more information or find ideas for greater inspiration. HLAND represents an example of the company’s strategy toward integrating digital technologies for its customers and will be expanded on various marketing platforms in the future.

● Trend Reports
In addition to providing detailed information on all LX Hausys products, visitors to the site also have access to trend reports across several segments, such as retail and healthcare. The reports provide trade professionals with timely insights to help them better understand the key drivers influencing marketplace trends.

● Enhanced Product Filter Options
Significantly enhanced product filter options enable visitors to more quickly and easily view product details with just a few clicks. For example, users can select key criteria such as color, collection name, pattern and finish. A comparison tool also allows users to easily see information about different HFLOR Resilient Flooring products side-by-side.

● Upgraded Product Viewer
An upgraded product viewer enables visitors to see full slab product images for HIMACS and Viatera products. It also comes with a magnifier function to provide highly detailed views of patterns and colors. The magnifier is a critical tool for viewing long vein pattern designs, which are popular and on-trend in both residential and commercial designs today.

● Virtual Showroom
Kitchen and bath designers, builders and homeowners can view new colors – and experience the entire Viatera brand offering – through LX Hausys’ virtual showroom. With 360-degree views, it is accessible by computer, mobile phone or tablet device and provides an immersive experience.
“We are thrilled to debut our new company website to our customers and consumers,” said LX Hausys America President KJ Kim. “The website is a testament to providing a best-in-class immersive digital experience of our products and the solutions we offer. In fact, it is a robust platform for LX Hausys to bring even more digital solutions to our customers in the future.”

LX Hausys’ new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, ideas for inspiration and updates on corporate milestones. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign up for LX Hausys’ newsletter.
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About LX Hausys America Inc.
LX Hausys America Inc. is a part of Korean-based LX Hausys Ltd., one of the world’s leading providers of building and decorative materials employing more than 4,200 employees spanning the globe. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., LX Hausys America uses the industry’s most advanced technology to design beautiful and functional spaces with sustainable products. LX Hausys America’s business lines include surface materials and flooring. For more information, please visit

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