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Luxury Plumbing Fixture Company, Isenberg, Releases New In-Built Cascade Flow Tub-Filler & Showerhead

Jan 19, 2016

Isenberg, which produces a full range of quality kitchen and bath plumbing xtures, today, announced that it is releasing its new line of cascade /sheet ow tub-llers. (Model Number CFB.2150)

“The cascade ow tub ller is a unique product because after installation the nished product
is ush-to-wall. The product can be used as a tub-ller or a shower-head because it has an in-built adjustable water ow rate.” Sales Manager at Isenberg, Abbas Poonawala said.

The product has a enclosing valve with a leak proof mechanism. It also has an rubber lining
which prevents drips and dribbles during water turn-on and turn-o. The product has
adjustable ow rates from 2.0 GPM to 11.0 GPM and has a trim plate that is oered in several
nishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel and matt black.

Ideal for alcove tub installations the product was designed with minimalism in mind.

To learn more about this product and Isenberg, please visit

Contact Information:

Abbas Poonawala

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