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Love At First Shower with SENSTEC in USA

Feb 15, 2024

After over 40 years of crafting shower trays for the UK and Ireland, Classic Marble made its debut in the States after impressing an American couple visiting one of Ireland’s premier castle resorts. We had a chat with Kim to discover why, as a nurse, she believed SENSTEC was the perfect fit for her home.

Kim recounts, “I discovered SENSTEC during a stay at Dromoland Castle for a close friend’s wedding. Coming from Maine, I had been on the hunt for a product that would offer a low entry and enhanced safety for our home. During the 5-day stay, I got the chance to use SENSTEC and was thoroughly impressed. In fact, I felt compelled to snap a photo of the company’s name using my cell phone before departing.”

Kim’s introduction to SENSTEC was just the beginning. She reached out to the company, and they went above and beyond to ensure she received the shower tray she had fallen in love with. As a registered nurse and a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist, Kim emphasizes, “Safety is paramount when it comes to showers. Even when using soap and conditioner, I felt secure. There was no sense of instability or fear of slipping. This confidence was a major factor in my decision.”

Christopher Hackett, MD of Classic Marble (Showers) LTD (makers of SENSTEC), recently travelled to Maine. He was invited to the ‘Aging in Place Open House’ to meet Kim and witness the first American installation of a SENSTEC tray. During the visit, Christopher had the opportunity to tour Kim’s entire home, designed specifically to accommodate ‘Aging in Place’.

Reflecting on her experience, Kim says, “The promptness and clarity of communication from SENSTEC stood out. While there was a need to convert measurements from meters to feet, the process was straightforward. Procuring the product internationally was surprisingly hassle-free.”

So, after living with SENSTEC for 5 months, did it live up to the Nobles’ expectations? Christopher was keen to find out. Kim enthusiastically shares, “Safety remains the primary benefit of SENSTEC. However, discovering how effortless it is to maintain was an added delight. The sensation underfoot is incredibly comfortable; it’s akin to a mini foot massage every time I use it.”

Kim’s residence was showcased to the public, offering insights on preparing homes for ‘Aging in Place’ where homes are prepared to be suitable for people as they grow older.


We also have a video of the interview: