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Link Cutting Boards Elevates Kitchen Style

Feb 9, 2024

Link Cutting Boards Elevates Kitchen Style with Stunning New Product Lineup

Peoria, AZ – 2/9/2024 – Link Cutting Boards, a leading manufacturer of built-in cutting boards and kitchen workstations, announces the launch of an exciting new product line, revolutionizing the way kitchen workspaces are designed.

This innovative collection features two key introductions:

PVD-Coated Cutting Boards: Available in three stunning finishes – Gold, Bronze, and Stainless Steel – these built-in mounts for their line of gourmet cutting boards offer unparalleled durability, scratch resistance, and a sleek, modern aesthetic. The PVD coating, typically used in high-end jewelry and aerospace applications, ensures long-lasting beauty and ease of maintenance.

Custom Resin Cutting Boards: Handcrafted with ethically sourced wood and vibrant, food-safe resin, these bespoke boards bring a touch of personalized artistry to any kitchen. Customers can choose from a range of wood types, resin colors, and even incorporate custom logos or artwork, creating unique pieces that elevate everyday cooking and entertaining.

“We are thrilled to unveil this groundbreaking collection,” says John Rowan, CEO and Founder of Link Cutting Boards. “Our new PVD-coated mounts offer unmatched functionality and a touch of luxury, while our custom resin boards personalize the kitchen experience and make a beautiful addition to every kitchen.”

Additional key features of the new product line include:

Superior craftsmanship: All Link Cutting Boards are made with high-quality, sustainably sourced materials and meticulous attention to detail.
Food-safe and hygienic: Every board is treated with a natural, food-safe finish to ensure safe food preparation.
Variety of sizes and materials: Customers can find the perfect board to fit their needs and preferences.

About Link Cutting Boards

Link Cutting Boards is a family-owned company based in Phoenix, AZ. Driven by a passion for both functionality and aesthetics, the company creates beautiful and durable built-in cutting boards and patent pending mounts designed to last a lifetime and transform the kitchen workspace. For more information, please visit


John Rowan