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Liebherr Unveils House of Cool at KBIS 2020

Jan 9, 2020

Cooling Experts Go Beyond the Kitchen to Meet Consumer Needs

MIAMI, FL – For more than 60 years, Liebherr Appliances has been the gold standard for state-of-the-art innovation in the refrigeration industry. Moving into a new decade, the company will continue to push the limits of technology, convenience, quality and design with its House of Cool concept at KBIS 2020. Located in Central Hall -C8016, the 50×90’ booth will allow guests to experience, firsthand, Liebherr as the visionary solution for multi-room, multi-use and multi-generational household needs for discerning US consumers.

“As the experts in refrigeration, we’re excited to show what we are all about – cooling solutions,” says Jonathan Barfell, Senior Marketing Manager, Liebherr Americas. “At Liebherr, we pride ourselves on redefining cooling and understand the comfort, convenience and inherent luxury of having top-of-the-line refrigeration options throughout the home. This year at KBIS, we’re focused on demonstrating how that innovation can extend beyond your kitchen.”

The Liebherr booth will feature several signature products, namely the iconic Monolith collection which includes a 36” refrigerator and a 30” and 36” freezer. The exhibit will also include wine and undercounter products displayed in beautiful living spaces, such as the kitchen, dining room, patio, recreation room, and library.  The booth is designed to convey how Liebherr products integrate seamlessly into the modern American kitchen with advanced technology, an elegant look and cutting-edge features.

“Our goal is to create an experience at KBIS that inspires consumers to imagine the possibilities Liebherr can bring within their homes,” continues Barfell. “The exceptional cooling solutions Liebherr provides are something families can rely on for all stages of life and that will satisfy many different needs. We want them to envision the world of possibilities when they need refrigeration in a nursery, at a home gym, poolside, or anywhere else where they keep and store food and beverages.”

Liebherr’s reputation stems from listening to what matters most to customers and meeting their needs with the most advanced technology. The original Monolith refrigerator took the industry by storm in 2017, and the upcoming Monolith Wine Column prototype will be previewed at KBIS in advance of its 2021 release. 

For more information on Liebherr and the Monolith products, please visit or stop by Central Hall, booth C8016 at KBIS 2020.


About Liebherr Appliances

Driven by innovation and characterized by sophisticated, elegant design, the family-owned and German-based Liebherr Appliances brings the best of European cooling to the Americas. With more than 60 years of expertise in premium refrigeration, Liebherr Appliances combines quality, design, and innovation to offer high-end refrigeration solutions for the modern home or business. Visit to learn more about Liebherr’s full product line of freestanding, built-in and fully integrated refrigerators, freezers and wine products.