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Liebherr: BioFresh in Real Life

Feb 4, 2014

Consumers appreciate appliances that make their lives better and easier. Liebherr and its BioFresh compartments do just that by keeping foods fresh and healthy longer.

At a time when fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses can command a very high price (and a large part the family food budget) it’s a priority to keep your food fresher longer – saving you money and keeping your family healthy.

The BioFresh Compartment provides the perfect climate for keeping foods fresher up to 3 x longer. With the temperature maintained just above freezing and at an ideal humidity level fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy retain their crucial vitamins and minerals as well as flavor and texture – the same as when you brought them home from the store. Precision electronics ensure that the temperature is maintained at exactly above +32 °F (0 °C), preventing food from freezing.
Fruits and vegetables are crisper, more colorful and rich in nutrients for days longer with the high humidity HydroSafe while the low humidity DrySafe is optimal for meat, fish and dairy which effectively reduces the activity of microorganisms that make food perish.
If your busy life keeps you from preparing certain foods longer than you intended, Liebherr gives you extended time to get the dinner of your dreams from the refrigerator to the oven with no loss of flavor or nutrition.
Liebherr has delivered a technology that is unique, patented and unrivaled for the luxury consumer but available to the entire marketplace.
It’s simple, FRESH IS BETTER.