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Lanbo as Home of global professional appliances

Aug 12, 2023

LANBO International is a global professional home appliances designer manufacturer and supplier, marketing a diverse portfolio of a small and major home appliances. Our products are well known across North America for their high-quality, superior innovation and exceptional customer value. We bring good things to life, by designing and building the world’s best appliances. Our goal is to offer great brands that dominate niche markets by anticipating what customers want, listening to and supporting our valued partners and exceeding their most ambitious expectations.

With decades of valuable specialty appliances manufacturing and development experience, our team has the networking, passion and know-how necessary to provide superior products to our valued customers.

Lanbo offers a wide range of wine and beverage refrigerators all with DOE and ETL certifications. From 33 to 289 bottles capacity and single to triple temperature zones, all offer accommodating storage options for any home and entertainment setting you wish for and desire. With adjustable temperature setting options, you are assured your wine, beer, soda, and other beverages are always chilled to perfection. Lanbo wine and beverage refrigerators offer exceptional storage space, making them ideal for parties, family and friends gatherings, or simply storing your valued collection of fine wines and beverages.

Lanbo`s new innovative `patent pending` portable air conditioners are a perfect option for you. Offering multi-purpose 4 in 1 functionality our portable air conditioner cools / heats / dehumidifies and circulates fresh cool air where you choose keeping your room comfortable and pleasant. This ultra quiet unit operates at 45 dB in sleep mode, almost as quiet as a library. The automatic vent angle for better air distribution helps you to personalize your comfort. Our most notable innovation is unlike similar products our 4 in 1 portable air conditioner requires -no window hose installation- ! This feature provides more convenience and safety for families or those living alone vs venting a hose thorough a unsecured window. In addition our air conditioner without the need for window vending offers true portability and use in any room or space you choose.

To help you master any meal like a professional chef, Lanbo debuted two new electric stove ranges both with Air Fry capability. Built for your dream kitchen, our electric stove ranges LB-ERK24RC-B and LB-ERK24RC-W’s sleek, modern edge-to-edge black and white options with stainless steel finish complements any design aesthetic. Up-front controls allow for easy and convenient access and the extended edges create a custom design built-in look.

In addition to our home appliances mentioned above, Lanbo designs and manufacturers an exciting range of bath and shower floor mounted faucets. Our exclusive designer collection of floor-mounted faucets are available in a wide range of styles, from classic to ultra-contemporary we offer you the best of options. Our products are designed with solid brass components. The easy to use, flexible hand shower wands feature silicone nozzles and versatile adjustable wand holders. Lanbo bath and shower systems are complete with rough in value included. Our luxurious, stylish, floor mounted faucets compliment your overall bath and shower retreat design offering a true spa, wellness experience.

At Lanbo, we help people improve their lives and elevate their lifestyle at home by providing innovative, high quality appliances that were made are designed for real life. Whether it’s storing your favorite wine and beverages at the perfect temperature, adjusting your rooms and living space to a comfortable temperature you control, bringing you a in-home spa, bath and shower experience, or enjoying the tradition of preparing chef quality meals from scratch, Lanbo Appliances are crafted to support any and simplify every task in the your home.

Lanbo International Appliances offer you the best of innovation, high performance and long-lasting value you can trust and select for your home and family!