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Lanbo’s New Perfect Addition to your Bathroom

Aug 12, 2023

Freestanding Floor Mounted Tub Fillers – The Perfect Addition for Your Beautifully Designed Bathroom and Bathtub

Ontario, USA – Bathtubs are regarded as an essential and functional element of the any bathroom. Although today`s fast paced lifestyles have made showering the preferred choice for bathing routines, the getaway appeal of bathtubs still remains very high. Multi-functional master and guest baths are regaining their status for the self-care, indulgence and relaxation we all desire in our frenetic modern lives. Freestanding, floor mounted tub fillers that offer both bath and shower options represent a bold and elegant design choice.
Freestanding floor mounted tub fillers are also referred to as floor-mounted faucets. They allow design flexibility, because they are plumbed up through the floor, rather than through the wall. These faucets will work whether the tub is placed along a wall or in the middle of the room.
When designing your new bathroom layout consider a floor mounted tub filler to provide you true design versatility and to make a bold exciting statement. Lanbo floor-mounted faucets are available in a wide range of exciting styles, from classic to the ultra-contemporary. Lanbo also offers a complete shower system with rough-in valve. Elevate your bathroom design and create a relaxing getaway from it all spa experience with Lanbo floor mounted tub fillers.

Lanbo Floor Mounted Tub Filler Features
Highest of Quality: Our floor mounted tub fillers are made from solid brass and masterfully polished into a sleek and shiny long lasting finish adding a luxurious look to your master and guest bathrooms.
Easy Installation: Designed with a durable triangle very stable base and tightened with high grade hard screws to ensure a solid foundation and strong support for your tub filler.
Multifunctional Design and Use: The control handle swivels 360-degrees and handheld showerhead with a 59 inch hose allows you to take a very comfortable shower. Our handle and hose design is also perfect for bathing children and pets.
High Flow Shower Head: Our high-pressure hose ensures you enjoy your shower. Two handles are convenient for controlling water temperature that is most comfortable for you, your children or when bathing pets.
Luxurious Floor Mount Design: Complete shower system with exclusive design to match any current or new bathroom decor. Features a simplistic elegant design that fits your style whether it is modern, contemporary, transitional, or minimalist.
Easy Control: Single lever handles design makes water temperature and water flow operation convenient and simple to use.
Easy to Clean: Lanbo`s floor mounted bath and shower systems can be easily wiped clean with a soft towel allowing for chemical-free cleaning to maintain optimal performance. The soft rubber spray holes allow mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look.
Warranty: Offers a three year warranty for full parts. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions before or after purchasing.
As part of our designer collection, our products are all solid brass construction. Our high-quality hand shower with adjustable holder and silicone nozzles allow you to easily wipe away build-up from hard water or limescale for low maintenance. All parts and rough-in necessary for installation are included. You can install with confidence knowing our products are backed by our three year warranty for full parts. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions before or after purchasing.

“We understand the importance of offering great quality and efficient faucets for our bath and shower systems. We are committed to providing innovative, and exciting products that meet our customers’ needs,” said Martha Barbosa, spokesperson for Lanbo. We offer a strong range of beautifully designed floor-mounted faucets and complete shower systems to enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom. The key advantage of a floor-mounted tub filler is you are able to position the bathtub anywhere you choose, even in the middle of a room!