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Laminam Advancing Growth Across North America with Expanded Presence

Sep 12, 2023

The company is committing to significant strategic investments across Canada and United States to expand its presence, offering superior natural surfaces that integrate design, sustainability, and functionality.

TORONTO, ON. (July 26, 2023) – Laminam, a global leader in producing natural surfaces for interior and exterior design applications, is rapidly growing in the North American market. The company is set to open five new state-of-the-art showrooms with adjoining distribution centers across key locations in North America. The expansion is part of the company’s plan to increase its presence in the retail market, to support the high demand from fabricators, Kitchen and Bath retailers, and A&D community, providing the highest quality of natural surfaces and quicker lead times. Laminam entered the North American market in 2011, with consistent market share growth year over year ever since.

Expansion Plans

Laminam is partnering with distributors, fabricators, Kitchen & Bath professionals, and design studios to enhance accessibility and convenience for interior and exterior applications in residential and commercial design projects. Laminam surfaces are currently distributed across the United States and Canada through a network of distributors, select fabricators, and retailer showrooms. Four of the five new showrooms and warehouses will be in Canada’s major cities – Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary – and in USA the first distribution center will be strategically located in Houston, Texas. The aim is to support the growing demand in these key regions and to provide customers with a seamless experience when specifying their desired surface for their projects. The new locations are set to open between the end of summer to end of fall, varying from 16,000 to 40,000 square feet of showroom/warehouse facilities.

Laminam is a pioneer when it comes to the surfaces industry. Its founding company, System Group, invented the revolutionary machinery system known as “Lamina”, which allowed large format natural surfaces to be manufactured without the inner stresses found in other man-made slab technologies. For this reason, Laminam slabs can reach an impressive fabrication cutting speed of up to 8 feet per minute, ensuring exceptional durability with minimal breakage compared to other similar surfaces from different brands.

The sintered slab category, which includes Laminam, is experiencing remarkable growth in North America, with a staggering 25 per cent increase year over year, driven by consumer demand for better alternatives to quartz and other stones. Another circumstance boosting the growth is the fact that there are increasing health risks to fabricators associated with the potential inhalation of silica dust during the fabrication process, which is commonly found in large quantities on engineered quartz and some types of natural stone. Fabricators are starting to opt for materials that offer equal or better aesthetics with superior performance and providing better safety for the workers.

“With our product’s exceptional easiness to fabricate, which eliminates the need for relief cuts and offers faster cutting speeds compared to competitors, Laminam has become the preferred surface for many fabricators working with manufactured stone,” said Philip Eeles, President of Laminam for North America, UK and Ireland. “Our R&D team has developed over 120 colors and the largest variety of surface finishes in the industry, with an array of smooth, polished, and textured effects. Each surface is carefully crafted to achieve a unique touch and feel experience, and maximizes the differentiation of our products to competitors.”

Laminam’s high-performing surfaces possess technical properties that ensure they are a safe and hygienic option for areas where cleanliness is a must, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Notably, the company achieved the prestigious “Solid Surfacing for Food Zone” certification from the American National Standard for Food Equipment (NSF), making them the world’s first surface approved for direct contact with food. The R&D team has also developed a bioactive treatment called “Ambience” that focuses on reducing pollutants and impurities which are deposited onto its treated surfaces, contributing to air purification and self-cleaning properties in exterior applications.

As an industry leader, the company’s investments in innovation and sustainability drive continued development. Laminam is fully committed to achieving circularity and safeguarding biodiversity through a range of sustainable practices. This includes transitioning away from traditional energy sources to renewable solar energy practices, reducing waste, and promoting recovery. In 2022, the company solidified its commitment by obtaining the ISO 14064-1 for Carbon Footprint and ISO 20400 for Sustainable Procurement certifications.

“Homeowners are constantly looking for sustainable options when it comes to the material selection for their homes,” stated Eeles. “We’re so proud that Laminam slabs feature 20-60 percent pre-consumption recycled materials in our slabs, which can contribute to LEED certification.”

The company’s commitment to sustainable practices goes beyond the product. From employee welfare to responsible procurement, efficient manufacturing practices, waste control and reuse of packaging materials, Laminam is ahead and continuously investing to improve sustainable practices. All details can be found in the recent release of Laminam’s Sustainability Report.

Why Laminam
Laminam provides a wide selection of surfaces in three sizes and four thicknesses, catering to various applications such as wall cladding, flooring, countertops, furniture, facades, and more. This allows for a harmonious and unified look across different surfaces and spaces with the flexibility to combine different textured effects and colors to achieve a cohesive and personalized aesthetic. Laminam’s offerings are also extremely durable with a high resistance to abrasions, stains, heat, and UV rays, making them the ideal choice for interior and exterior areas and outdoor spaces.

Laminam is currently recruiting new talents to join the expanding team in Canada and United States. Qualified candidates are encouraged to explore job opportunities posted on the company’s LinkedIn account. Just this year alone, 28 new hires have joined the team and the company is currently looking to fill 14 operational and sales positions.

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About Laminam
Pioneers since the beginning. Laminam was born in the early 2000s, following the invention of production technologies to create ultra-thin manufactured surfaces of large dimensions. The company was the first to revolutionize the ceramics market, giving new impetus to a mature sector, betting on the intuition of creating large architectural surfaces and launching innovative sizes and thicknesses on the market. Over the years, Laminam has developed a completely new production process characterized by innovative methods and highly automated technologies typical of Industry 4.0, such as digital printing systems, dry cutting systems and internal logistics managed by automatic laser-guided vehicles. These are methods and technologies that increase energy efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Today Laminam produces a range of eclectic and versatile large format surfaces used in many applications, from traditional and advanced architecture to furniture and design, distributed in over 100 countries worldwide. Over the years, the collections have been enriched with new textures and finishes to enhance the creativity of designers, architects and anyone who wants to elevate their spaces.

Laminam is majority owned by Alpha, an independent pan-European private equity fund with €2 billion under management, specializing in mid-cap operations in continental Europe. The company has offices in Milan, Paris, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

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