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Kichler Offers Versatile, High-Quality TaskWork LED Tape Lighting

Feb 5, 2014

Kichler® takes tape lighting to a new level with TaskWork LED Tape in a wide range of options for creating beautiful, energy-efficient lighting effects. The sleek, ultra-low profile indoor/dry and indoor/damp TaskWork LED Tape from Kichler is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Perfect for enhancing tray ceilings, highlighting cabinet toe-kicks or creating wall-wash effects, this highly flexible, 24-volt tape is fully dimmable and comes in a variety of color options and convenient lengths up to 20 feet for indoor/damp versions and 100 feet for indoor/dry versions.

“Our new TaskWork LED Tape offers high-quality, even light ideal for both decorative and practical applications,” says Jeff Dross, Kichler’s corporate director of education and industry trends. “With its affordability, incredible versatility and ease of installation, designers and homeowners can be more creative and efficient with how they use and layer light.”

When tucked into bookshelves, under or above cabinets and inside coves, the sleek fixture disappears, leaving targeted areas awash in light to aid in task work or highlight architectural features.

Kichler’s TaskWork LED Tape is available in both high and low lumen output options for a choice of light intensity. High output TaskWork LED Tape (200 lumens per foot) is ideal for wall washes, alcoves and task lighting placed under cabinets. Low output tape (100 lumens per foot) provides the perfect soft light needed for toe kicks, backlit glass cabinets or tray ceilings. Both intensity outputs are available in dry- and damp-rated versions for any kitchen and bath application.

Designers and homeowners can select from a wide range of colors so lighting works in harmony with home décor colors.

All available with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80, color options include:

Warm, white light (2,700 K) – Perfect for pairing with color palettes often associated with colorations of earth tones, wood tones, brushed bronze, antique brass and browns.

Pure, white light (3,000 – 3,200 K) – Ideal for cooler color palettes and colorations such as stainless steel, chrome, black granite, white porcelain, slate, greys, white and blues

Cool, white light (3,600 – 4,000 K) – Generally used for retail stores or contemporary commercial settings, or if lighting crystal or sterling collectables.

RGB color-changing light and single-color red, blue, green and yellow lights – Available for niche, commercial or creative residential applications along with a remote control to change colors.

A standout feature of Kichler’s TaskWork LED Tape is its simple-to-use, snap-style connectors for fast and easy installation. A complete range of accessories incorporates a variety of connector options, including straight track holders for clean, even runs and flexible two-inch connectors to create angled turns for consistently directing light exactly as desired.

While one side of the tape features tough 3M adhesive that sticks securely to even rough surfaces, the other side features enclosed LED chips on a choice of a black or white strip. For indoor/damp applications, a silicone coating provides additional protection. It is easy to clean and safe even when within the reach of children.

TaskWork LED Tape connects to a plug-in or direct-wire power supply. When power is in a remote location, an added wire section is available to reach from the power supply to the tape without voltage drop.

Indoor/dry tape is available in roll lengths up to 100 feet and can be cut every four inches, while indoor/damp tape is available in 20-foot, five-foot, 12-inch and four- inch sections. Like the indoor/dry version, indoor/damp tape can be cut every four inches, but should only be cut to end a run as cut pieces cannot be connected back together due to the silicone coating.
TaskWork LED Tape not only uses less power than xenon or halogen alternatives, it also offers low wattage compared to incandescent light and a 50,000-hour lifespan, or 20 years of life under normal use, with a five-year warranty.

Kichler also offers an outdoor/wet TaskWork LED Tape option in its complete line of versatile lighting. Learn more about all of Kichler’s tape lighting options in their online interactive catalog at