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KBIS Introduces Design Studio Powered by QueX

Mar 19, 2013


New Technology Creates Showroom of the Future


KBIS 2013 today introduced Design Studio Powered by QueX which will enable visitors to the Design Studio to experience the latest technology to enhance and personalize the customer experience in the interior designer showroom.  The booth (#3352) will feature eight designers who will use the latest interactive display technology to create state-of-the-art presentations for kitchens, baths or outdoor while representing a specific purchasing demographic – Millennial, GenX or Baby Boomer.


Through large electronic multi-touch display walls, virtual and augmented reality and 3D technology, QueX will connect physical and virtual channels to create a new level of product engagement that improves the customer buying experience.


“QueX’s technology will allow designers to create interactive client profiles tailored specifically to the client’s product needs and requests,” said Mark Lenhart, managing partner of QueX, based in Chicago. “The KBIS Design Studio powered by QueX will demonstrate how collaboration among clients, designers, architects, builders and others can take place in real time allowing for a more productive project management experience.  It also will allow designers to see their designs come to life in full scale before they are put into the home.”


At the KBIS Design Studio Powered by QueX, attendees will be able to interact with products on multi-touch display screens; take a virtual tour of luxury homes without leaving the show floor; see and compare products and experience how technology can create a collaborative design environment within the showroom.


The designers presenting kitchen design are:  Susan Serra and Lori Gilder.


The designers presenting bath design are: Cheryl Kees Clendenon and Andie Day.


The designers presenting outdoor design are:  Carmen Christensen and Tyler Wisler.


The designers presenting the loft living space are: Meredith Heron and Corey Klassen.


Each designer will present his or her concepts on Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20 at the KBIS Design Studio space on the show floor.