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Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Officially Launches its New Kamado Grill – The Shokunin

Oct 8, 2019


Outdoor Gourmet Officially Launches its
New Kamado Grill – The Shokunin

for purchase on and through dealer showrooms
with delivery for the holidays



(September 25, 2019)
much anticipated new kamado grill from Kalamazoo Outdoor
, the leader in high-performance outdoor grills
and cooking equipment, is now available for order. Developed on the principles
of kamado-style cooking, which date back more than 3,000 years, the Shokunin
(show-koo-neen) sets a new
standard for design and performance among Kamado grills. 


“We knew we wanted to take key design
principles of the traditional kamado-style cooker and really amplify them to
take performance to new levels.  For
example, the Shokunin is more efficient than a traditional ceramic kamado
thanks to two inches of insulation beneath its stainless steel exterior.  And the expanded depth of the cooking chamber
allows fires to be built further from the food, creating more gentle heat.  This is a real advantage to barbecue
enthusiasts,” said Russ Faulk, chief designer and head of product for Kalamazoo
Outdoor Gourmet.


“Beyond that, we simply threw out the
rule-book in order to increase versatility. 
The unique rectangular shape makes it easier to cook with multi-zone
fires. And, an adjustable system of fire grates enables you to build the fire
at three different levels. We are excited to see how the growing community of
kamado enthusiasts responds to the Shokunin.”



The Shokunin features an
adjustable fire grate system that allows for fires to be built in three
different positions depending on the cooking style. Place the grate in the
lowest position for a gentle heat, ideal for smoking “low-and-slow” barbeque,
roast to perfection with the fire in the middle position, and utilize the top
position for intense searing of steaks or burgers. Or, build fires at multiple
levels at the same time and take advantage of the unique shape of the Shokunin
for easier multi-zone cooking.  As for
fuel options, both charcoal and wood can be used independently or in


“This is hands down the best Kamado I have ever had the pleasure
of cooking on.  From the stunning looks
to the surprising versatility and exacting heat control, this grill does not

Charlie McKenna, Chef, restauranteur and Three-time World BBQ


Unique Design, Impeccable

by high-end furniture, the design of the Shokunin is
sleek and sophisticated in compari
son to the more conventional, brightly
colored ceramic style kamado grills.  It is also the only kamado
in the industry with a rectangular grilling
area (432 square inches)
that maximizes the available grilling surface and makes cooking with an offset fire much easier. Both its
shape and stainless steel exterior also complements other outdoor
elements for a more streamlined aesthetic.


The Shokunin is
made from two layers of 304 grade stainless steel rather than the standard clay or
ceramic materials. Replete w
ith two inches of
insulation, the Shokunin is a m
arvel of efficiency.  You can expect five hours of cooking time per
pound of charcoal when cooking at barbecue temperatures.  That’s 40 hours of cooking on just 8 pounds
of charcoal; much more efficient than a
traditional ceramic kamado grill. Heavy insulation also ensures the grill’s
exterior remains cool to the touch even when interior temperatures reach 600°F.

“One of my favorite aspects of the
Shokunin is the cross-ventilation air control. 
placed two opposing inlets by the fire and paired them with two opposing
exhaust vents on the lid.  Use all four
air shutters to help
draw heat and smoke from an indirect fire across your food for added depth of
flavor. Details like this really transform your grilling experience.”


 Because Materials Matter

“We specifically chose ipe
wood for the
frame and handle for two reasons,” explained Faulk.  “It is a
beautiful wood from South America,
and it is
extremely durable
almost twice as dense as
most woods and up to five times harder. It’s also naturally resistant to rot,
weather and insects. We
’re offering a natural or oiled finish, and all
of the ipe wood used is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.”


The Shokunin incorporates
the same thoughtful engineering, quality materials and high standard of
craftsmanship that the market has come to expect from Kalamazoo.   It is priced at $5,995 (international prices
may vary) and can be ordered on and through Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet dealer showrooms,
with delivery starting November 19, 2019.


To learn more or request high resolution images of the Kalamazoo Shokunin
Kamado Grill, contact Julie McCrary, 717.278.0515,



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