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It’s Time To Join The Healthy Home Revolution

Dec 10, 2015

There’s a revolution happening – and it isn’t a global event. It’s happening under your nose, and inside your living room…it’s the “Healthy Home Revolution.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a “healthy home is…renovated and maintained to support health.” And a healthy home approach is “a coordinated, comprehensive and holistic approach to preventing diseases and injuries that result from housing-related hazards and deficiencies.” If you’re not already taking said approach, allow Brondell to change that. With an offering of products specifically designed to raise your home health standards, Brondell is the company to turn to when you decide to join the Healthy Home Revolution.

Brondell offers a three-pronged approach to making your home a haven of healthy living, and it’s one that addresses three of the main areas of your house most likely to adversely affect health: safe drinking water, sanitation in the bathroom, and clean air in the home. Respectively, Brondell water filtration systems, bidet seats and attachments, and air purifiers combine to ensure that the home is a place that promotes and enhances overall wellness.

Drinking water. Although the US has one of the cleanest drinking water supplies in the world, each year the CDC receives reports of outbreaks of illnesses related to contaminants in people’s tap water supply…and sometimes these outbreaks even stem from contaminated bottled water (it’s only recently that the FDA started regulating E. Coli in bottled water). One of the suggestions the CDC offers to help ensure the safety of drinking water is to filter it…and that’s where the easy-to-install, Gold-Seal-Certified (by the Water Quality Association, or WQA) Brondell undercounter and countertop water filtration systems come in to protect your home.

Our undercounter models, the Coral Water Filtration System and the Circle Reverse Osmosis (RO) System, are specifically designed to live under the sink – saving valuable counter space. The Coral is a single or triple-stage water filtration system, and the Circle is an RO model with four separate filters working together to deliver maximum filtration.

Each of Brondell’s countertop water filtration devices, the Cypress and the Pearl, features a slim, space-saving design. The Cypress boasts powerful triple-stage filtration with patented Nanotrap technology, and the Pearl features advanced carbon block technology with a powerful filter that reduces harmful contaminants while permitting the passage of important minerals. Though different in filtration approach, all four models provide healthy drinking water for a healthier home.

Bathroom Sanitation.  It stands to reason that many of the germs that cause the nastiest infections can be found in the bathroom. The Brondell collection of bidet seats, attachments, and sprayers works to remove these germs from both your bathroom and your body. The Swash advanced bidet seat collection comes with self-cleaning nozzles with sterilization function to keep the bathroom itself free of contaminants, and the seats have adjustable wash sprays and temperatures to ensure that your body is, too. Separate attachments such as the FreshSpa easy bidet and the FreshSpa dual temperature bidet adhere to the side of your toilet and feature self-cleaning nozzles with 3 different position settings. Our CleanSpa line of hand-held bidets requires no electricity or batteries, and each features an all-metal T-valve with water control for spray adjustability and shut-off to achieve a maximum level of ease and cleanliness.

Air Quality.  A growing public and global concern is one you should also worry about in the confines of your home: the quality of the air you breathe. Pollution occurs just as easily indoors as it does outdoors – the difference is that it’s confined to a much smaller area and so can be much more dangerous. Brondell’s O2+ Source and Balance air purifiers, each featuring true HEPA technology and an activated carbon filter, vastly reduce VOCs, particulates, microbes, odor, dust, pollen and smoke – the contagions most often comprising indoor air pollution.

If you haven’t yet health-proofed your living space, allow Brondell Inc. to provide you with the innovative technology that will turn your house into a “healthy home.”

About Brondell

Based in San Francisco, CA and backed by Mark Cuban & David Samuel, Brondell is a privately held company that develops innovative, quality healthy home products. Brondell currently sells the Swash line of advanced bidet toilet seats, the LumaWarm heated nightlight toilet seat, the SpaSuite of entry level bidet products, the O2+ air purification line, and the H2O+ line of water filtration systems. All products reflect Brondell’s commitment to quality design with an environmentally conscious focus. The company’s unique blend of the latest technology and modern design has earned Brondell numerous awards.

Media Contact:
Annie Breen
Brondell Inc.
(888) 542-3355

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