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Introducing A New World of Stainless Steel Island Countertops

Oct 10, 2016

In an unprecedented branching out, Federal Brace is adding Stainless Steel Countertops to their catalog of designer supports and shelves, offering customers a luxurious, modern look in any number of sizes. Customers can easily order their own custom countertops by contacting Federal Brace with their specific installation needs and sizing information, and will quickly receive not only an accurate quote, but also expert assistance. A solid island countertop is available online to purchase in a standard 50″x26″x1.50″.

Not only can homeowners now quickly achieve the chef’s kitchen look with this beautiful, sleek countertop, but stainless steel is also anti-microbial, stain resistant, heat-proof and easy to clean. This prep-space adds a professional style to your kitchen. Whether for a sleek surface next to the stove or a shiny, modern island centerpiece, this surface makes quite the statement in contemporary kitchens. Stainless steel can morph to the homeowners desires – a warmer-toned kitchen will give the brushed, stainless steel a nice, dynamic glow, while cooler-toned or white kitchens cause it to appear stark and crisp. This nearly life-proof surface helps homeowners cut back on precious time and energy spent cleaning within the kitchen, and saves money in the long run through being extremely durable and having immense longevity.

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Federal Brace has tested this new product against their high standards of excellence and is able to provide another high quality Made in America product in Stainless Steel Countertops, which are typically imported to the US. This dedication to quality and US-made goods has set Federal Brace apart, and aided in the creation of hundreds of jobs for American workers.

For more information on the new, custom Stainless Steel Countertops visit Federal Brace online or contact their experienced support team at They are also available during business hours for calling toll-free at 1(877)353-8899.