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Integration and Versatility by Neolith

Jan 21, 2014

Framed in the emblematic building Casa Calvet of Antoni Gaudí, located in the Eixample district in Barcelona and declared Site of Cultural Interest, is located the new Brescó Bakery. The first installation of the brand placed outside its site of origin: Huesca.


The attached project case study shows our work the family business of master chocolatiers that since 1875 are engaged in research and development of numerous products, providing the highest quality and craftsmanship to each of them.


After contemplating the imposing facade of the C/Caspe 48, is found the new Bakery located in the basement of the building. Inside, we found a 200m2 surface, which draws attention to its delicate decoration (designed by Desafrà interior design studio). An interior that favors simplicity and details on pillars and ceilings, retaining part of the original architecture.


Also is seen the existence of different spaces, the entrance next to the countertop where are exposed the nearly 350 products that they produce. Besides its cozy café, a quiet area to taste right there, its various products.


To create these environments have been used Neolith pieces in different areas of the Bakery (flooring and cladding). The pieces have been cut as trencadis technique (own ceramic mosaic fragments of Catalan modernist architecture), mimicking the geometric Gaudí style.


Another area noted herein, is a multimedia area coated with Neolith where graphically and through a video, the origins of cocoa and the history of the brand are discovered.


In this way it gets to transmit the essence of the Bakery in a beautiful space where the brown and beige tones predominate in honor of the chocolatiers, and for it was decided to use Avorio and Chocolate from Colorfeel collection by Neolith.


Neolith invites you to meet the new establishment Brescó, the space with the personal seal of Gaudí, where is integrated a product as versatile as Neolith. A product that brings many possibilities, and this time, has been integrated into the rehabilitation of a very single element, such as this building from the famous modernist architect.