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INOX debuts industry’s first auto-latching, auto-locking mortise lock for sliding doors

Feb 27, 2020

commercial-grade lock can also accomplish all five common lockset functions

INOX introduces the PD96, the industry’s
first commercial-grade sliding door lock that combines a built-in auto-latching
and auto-locking feature with the ability to accomplish the five most common
lockset functions: passage, privacy, entry/office, classroom and storeroom. The
PD96 is a complete locking solution for sliding doors that allows architects,
planners and designers to more easily incorporate sliding doors into their
projects and increase the amount of usable space within a floorplan.

“A sliding door can save up to 30 square
feet within a space as compared to a swing door, but architects historically
couldn’t specify them because of the lack of lock options for a sliding door,”
said INOX President Jeff Howes. “With the complete locking solutions of the
PD96, architects can increase the overall value of a project for their clients
by specifying sliding doors. This leads to more usable square footage and more
space efficiency.”

TWEET THIS: Premium door #hardware company@INOX_Hardware announces the PD96, the industry’s first commercial-grade,auto-locking sliding door hardware. The new product accomplishes all fivelockset functions of passage, privacy, entry, classroom and storeroom.

PD96 uses the same basic lock case for the passage, entry/office, classroom and
storeroom functions and the trim determines each function. Only the privacy
function requires a different lock case. This flexibility makes the entire
process from specifying to installation and replacement simpler and allows for
the application of a customized function per passageway. In a healthcare space,
for example, the PD96 can be installed on an exam room door in the passage
function while a second lock in the storeroom function could be installed on a
supply closet down the hall.

PD96 is ADA compliant, provides emergency egress and is designed from 304
stainless steel to withstand commercial construction and application. It is
available in several trims and comes in Satin or Bright Polished Stainless
Steel as well as CeraMax ceramic-coating finishes.

more information about the PD96 or other INOX products, please visit