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IKONNI Unveils Innovative Interior Solution

Jan 15, 2024

IKONNI Unveils Innovative Interior Solutions Redefining Elegance and Functionality

IKONNI, a leading name in bespoke interior solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest collections, setting a new standard in luxury and customization.

The Wood Collections showcase IKONNI’s commitment to unique and innovative design. The Slat System, engineered with natural wood veneer, offers an easy and flawless installation process. The Flexible and Milled Wood Panels, available in various shapes and designs, provide unparalleled customization, allowing customers to choose any wood species, color, and finish.

FORMATWOOD, a division of IKONNI, introduces Decorative Solid Wood Panels, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and versatility. Customers can order flat or 3D versions, mix different shapes for dimensional designs, and experience the epitome of creative freedom.

“As pioneers in the industry, IKONNI continues to redefine interior spaces with our cutting-edge solutions. Our Wood Collections and FORMATWOOD’s Decorative Solid Wood Panels reflect our dedication to quality, innovation, and personalized design,” said Iko Aviv, Owner of IKONNI.

The company expresses gratitude to those who visited their recent tradeshow booth, inviting them to explore the magic of their interior products. IKONNI remains committed to transforming spaces and creating bespoke designs that resonate with individual preferences.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Nina Touzova
Marketing and Client Relations Manager