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ICC-ES Extends WaterMark Certification

Jan 10, 2024

ICC-ES Extends WaterMark Certification for Lead Free Plumbing Products

ICC-ES is now accredited by JASANZ to provide WaterMark Certification for Lead Free plumbing products, demonstrating compliance with Part A5 of the Plumbing Code of Australia (Volume Three of the Australian – National Construction Code (NCC)).

Previously, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) agreed to amend the NCC to limit the allowable maximum lead content in products that contain copper alloys and manufactured for contact with drinking water to not more than a weighted average of 0.25%.

Former ABCB officials, ICC Oceania Director Neil Savery and ICC PMG Global Director Tom Roberts, played integral roles in developing the NCC 2022. Both are eager to assist manufacturers in demonstrating compliance with the standards that will make plumbing products in contact with drinking water safer.

“The new Lead Free requirements will significantly elevate safety standards in Australia. We are thrilled to support manufacturers and suppliers of these products in meeting the new standard, in an efficient and cost-effective manner using ICC-ES,” says Neil Savery.

“During my tenure at ABCB, I was a leader in the introduction of the NCC requirements for Lead Free plumbing products in Australia through collaboration with industry, governments, and my colleagues at the ABCB. Now, working alongside a team of industry experts at ICC-ES, I’m excited to be able to facilitate the adoption of these changes through ICC-ES’s robust and globally recognized evaluation and testing capabilities,” says Tom Roberts.

Having established itself as an industry leader in certifying specified plumbing products to meet global NSF/ANSI/CAN 372 lead content requirements, ICC-ES is now able to extend its support to manufacturers aiming to comply with new Australian Lead Free standards.