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Hülsta MULTI-FORMA II Closet System: Individuality at its most beautiful

Jan 10, 2017

Whether a cosy top floor apartment, an old building with high ceilings or a generously sized loft- effective living solutions require clever storage ideas that use every inch of space.

MULTI-FORMA II from hülsta is a versatile system that integrates flexible living concepts. Adding new handles and door styles as well as wood and lacquer versions, hülsta has once more extended the possibilities of this system range.

Storage space is tailor made thanks to the “endless add-on” principle. MULTI-FORMA II makes individual corner and recess solutions as well as luxury custom-made walk in closets. Basic and add-on units in heights of up to 337.8 centimeters (roughly 11 feet) using the endless add-on principle create individual storage space – even for complicated room layouts. Height, width and depth reductions are free of charge. Rear and side cuts allow every corner to be used efficiently, including sloping ceilings.

When space is at a premium, sliding doors are the ideal solution: innovative track and guide brackets make opening and closing easy and there is no need to plan for an additional opening radius. Sliding door wardrobes can also be individually cut in height, width and depth in order to adapt to room requirements.

For all MULTI-FORMA II wardrobe systems, hülsta offers exclusive interior fittings and practical accessories tailored to client needs. LED Light shelves – optionally available with an integrated motion sensor – as well as cornice lighting provide the necessary illumination.

Designed and built exclusively for your space, MULTI-FORMA II is a closet concept for proactive planners, doers and organizers.


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