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Nov 9, 2022

Improved sensing technology offers aesthetic and safety benefits

KEARNY, NEBRASKA – NOVEMBER 9, 2022– Task Lighting & Power, a Hardware Resources company, has introduced a new Doppler motion sensor switch that can be installed behind a non-metallic barrier up to 2” thick and detect motion within a 15-foot range. Unlike traditional infrared sensors that require a direct line of sight to activate, the Task Lighting Doppler motion sensor switch emits harmless waves that reflect off nearby objects. The sensor looks for a Doppler (frequency) shift in the wave when it returns to the detector, which indicates that the wave has hit a moving object. When the sensor detects a Doppler shift, it activates to turn on the light.

“We are excited to introduce a motion sensor that incorporates proven technology that is easy to install and more forgiving but can also be used in a wide range of applications,” said Keith Clark, Product Manager for Task Lighting & Power. “Whether used for a bathroom, kitchen, closet, or staircase, the Doppler motion sensor’s 15-foot range provides more flexibility and better reliability than traditional motion sensors.”

The Task Lighting & Power Doppler motion sensor switch is an excellent option for residential and commercial applications. In the commercial market, it can it used as an occupancy sensor for offices, lobbies, storage rooms, and break rooms. Residential designers embracing Universal Design principles can incorporate the sensor anywhere hands-free lighting activation would be not only a nice aesthetic but also a safety feature. Specifically, the Doppler motion sensor can be installed behind a valance or inside a cabinet to activate a night light. The Doppler motion sensor features a selectable light timer that can be set from 60 to 240 seconds and a smooth on/off feature that gradually brightens or dims the light as it turns on or off.

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