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Grass America – TEC Soft-close

Oct 29, 2013

TEC Soft-close Hinge System: Integrated Face Frame with adjustable closing

The TEC Soft-close is a face frame hinge with the Soft-close damper pre-mounted in the hinge cup. Sleek in design, the TEC Soft-close features a new adjustable switch to regulate the closing action. A three tiered adjustment provides different levels of resistance on the soft-close mechanism.


The settings can be adjusted so that the closing action is consistent regardless of the size and weight of the door. The drilling depth of the cup is 11mm and there are no protruding parts in the interior of the cabinet. Made in the USA the TEC Soft-close offers quiet and effortless closing action every time.


The perfect solution for your face frame cabinetry.


About Grass America

Grass America is a quality driven manufacturer of functional hardware and accessories. Their movement systems are first class and found in kitchens, baths, and office facilities around the US. Grass America headquarters is located in North Carolina and has distribution points located throughout the US.