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GE Appliances – Top Products for the Home in 2023

Jan 31, 2023

Top Products for the Home in 2023

This year, homeowners are looking to elevate their space with appliances that are feature-forward, without sacrificing design. At KBIS 2023, GE Appliances is thrilled to showcase our top products that are smarter, easier to use and more beautiful than ever, allowing you to turn your home into a space that is uniquely your own.

GE Profile™ UltraFast Combo with Ventless Heat Pump Technology
GE Profile is once again leading the charge in laundry innovation, this time with the launch of the UltraFast Combo with Ventless Heat Pump Technology. As the ultimate one-and-done addition to the brand’s laundry lineup, the combination washer and dryer not only saves space, time and energy, it also eliminates the laundry-day hassle of waiting around for a load transfer.

Offering the ability to wash and dry a large load in 2 hours, the GE Profile™ UltraFast Combo will change the way we look at laundry day.* The all-in-one unit features GentleTemp Drying Technology that eliminates the need to hang dry delicate items. Additional features include Adaptive SmartDispense™ and Microban™ technology to eliminate odors. Its space-saving design and ventless technology mean that the UltraFast Combo can operate anywhere with a water hookup, like the bathroom or a hall closet. (Available June 2023; $2,899 suggested retail)
*When tested on an 8 lb load on a normal wash and dry cycle per the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers’ (AHAM) standards.

CAFÉ™ Adds New Hardware Finishes to Customizable Offerings
When you’ve put your own unique style into every detail of your kitchen, you don’t want your appliances to look like everyone else’s. You want to make a statement. With CAFÉ’s Customizable Professional Collection, your appliances can evolve and reflect your individuality with the option to mix and match hardware to bring your custom kitchen vision to life.

In 2023, CAFÉ will unveil two new finishes to its hardware collection, Brushed Brass and Flat Black. Brushed Brass is a vibrant and striking finish, and a rich accent to your appliances. Flat Black is sophisticated and inviting; this head-turning matte finish is an elegant addition to the kitchen. Inspired by the latest trends in fashion and design, these finishes create a warmth, depth and balance that flows throughout your space. The two new finishes build on four existing hardware options: Brushed Black, Brushed Stainless, Brushed Copper and Brushed Bronze. Each statement-making finish by CAFÉ makes your kitchen a reflection of your personal style. (Available now, starting at $199 per kit)

Monogram™ Designer Collection Now Available
Monogram – the luxury appliance brand synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship and sophisticated design – unveiled its first designer series, created in collaboration with renowned interior designer and Monogram Creative Director Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, at KBIS in 2022. Now, the full collection is officially available for orders.

Inspired by fine jewelry, this Designer Collection features two thought-provoking aesthetics with tailored appliances that elevate any room. For owners looking for a bold design, the Brass Collection presents an elegant aesthetic, based on the fundamentals of classical architecture, in gold and polished hues. In contrast, the Titanium Collection presents a contemporary luxury aesthetic rooted in the art of reductionism, with sleek lines and dark-charcoal muted tones. Both collections feature striking finishes with hardware wrapped in hand-stitched, sustainably sourced, Greenguard Gold Certified, durable leather. (Available now, starting at $1,300)

GE Profile™ Smart Mixer with Auto Sense
GE Profile is disrupting the baking category with the smartest stand mixer in the U.S.* The GE Profile Smart Mixer with Auto Sense takes the guesswork out of baking with connected, industry-first features and innovative technology that actively monitors changes in viscosity to optimize mixing, whipping and emulsifying performance for perfect results every time.

A built-in smart scale allows users to precisely weigh ingredients right in the mixing bowl or any other container, preparing every recipe with confidence. Over-the-air updates from GE Profile Connect + grants access to new features like Guided Recipes as they become available, so the Stand Mixer improves over time. The GE Profile Smart Mixer with Auto Sense can be voice activated by connecting to Alexa or Google Home and using voice commands such as “Stop Mixer” or “Zero the Scale” for total control. (Available now, exclusively at Crate & Barrel and; $999 suggested retail) *Sold in the U.S. Smart features include Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control and OTA-data sources, NPD, 52 weeks ending July 31, 2021

Award-winning Induction Innovation
GE Appliances presents award-winning induction innovation across its Monogram, CAFE and GE Profile brands. With unique features in select models including video-guided recipes, Auto-Pan Size Detection that leaves the rest of the cooktop cooler to the touch and Precision Cooking that allows home chefs to maintain precise control of temperature, GE Appliances house of brands has an induction cooktop for everyone from the luxury design obsessed to tech-forward feature seekers.

These powerful induction cooktops use an electromagnetic field to heat food and boil a quart of water in under two minutes and are available from Monogram™, GE Profile™ and CAFÉ™ Appliances, meaning there is an induction solution for every kitchen. With additional features in select models including video-guided recipes, Auto-Pan Size Detection that leaves the rest of the cooktop cooler to the touch and Precision Cooking that allows home chefs to achieve restaurant-quality results and gives precise control of temperature. (Available now at, and; starting at $1,999)

GE Profile™ Steam Closet with Fabric Refresh
To keep your wardrobe looking and feeling fresh, GE Profile is revolutionizing at-home clothing care solutions with the new Steam Closet with Fabric Refresh. This addition to the brand’s laundry line up brings thorough fabric care to any space in your home with easy installation, providing innovative features that help to freshen, rejuvenate, press, steam clean, and sanitize.

The Steam Closet saves time and money by eliminating trips to the dry cleaners, delivering the same professional result in the comfort of your home. Its compact design, flexible installation and interior water tank means that the Steam Closet can operate anywhere with no additional hook-ups, like the bedroom, hall closet or garage. (Available June 2023, $1,299 suggested retail)

GE Appliances Continues to Add Innovation into Its Multi-Door Refrigeration Line-up
GE Appliances is reinvigorating its four-door refrigerator offerings by expanding its current portfolio to offer a line-up of more advanced, sleek refrigerators with added features to meet the needs and desires of today’s consumer.

Ideal for consumers who want a high functioning refrigerator with a luxury design, the latest evolution will offer an interior, Autofill water pitcher with two dispensing options while preserving a sleek look on the refrigerator’s exterior. On display at KBIS 2023, the CAFÉ 4-Door French-Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer offers customers a new kitchen appliance that seamlessly blends in with surrounding cabinetry and is convenient for entertaining, cooking and everyday living.

The star feature of the new refrigerator series is the 60-oz, dishwasher-safe, Autofill water pitcher is now located on the inside of the refrigerator and automatically fills up when the pitcher is placed in the dock. This industry-leading technology ensures you have a pitcher full of chilled, filtered water any time you want it while also leaving more room for food storage needs. The refrigerator comes in and full-depth with an MSRP starting at $4,399. The refrigerator will also roll out in GE Profile™ and all products will be available in Q3 of 2023. (Available in Q3 of 2023; $4,399 suggested retail)