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LAS VEGAS • FEB 25 – FEB 27, 2025


FreePower for Countertop Turns Everyday Surfaces

Feb 15, 2024

Media Contact:
Emily Ondercin-Bourne, Flying Camel
Cell: 905-818-3762

FreePower for Countertop Turns Everyday Surfaces into Wireless Chargers

Debuting at KBIS 2024 and nominated for three “Best of” awards, the wireless charging pioneer is offering an elegant and seamless solution that designers, architects, builders, and fabricators can embed into their countertop designs

Las Vegas, NV (February 1, 2024) – FreePower, the company setting the new standard for wireless charging, is debuting its latest solution, FreePower for Countertop, which turns any surface into a wireless charging one. This groundbreaking product will be debuted at the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Show, from February 27 to 29, where the company will be providing demos of the technology and sharing details with designers and fabricators on how to get started. FreePower will be at Booth #N1374 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

From kitchens and bathrooms to hospitality spaces, this solution puts seamless, elegant, and functional power at people’s fingertips in high-use spaces. FreePower for Countertop is purpose-built to make it easy for designers, architects, builders, and showroom owners to add free placement wireless charging to their stone countertop solutions.

FreePower worked closely with the design and fabricator community to think through every aspect of embedding its wireless charging technology into countertops, from the cut-out requirements for the stone to visual cues and customization. Fabricators will need to complete a FreePower for Countertop certification process, during which they will learn how to embed the technology into their projects.

“With highly visible projects in the automotive and consumer electronics verticals, we were getting requests from designers and builders about embedding our technology into countertops and table tops, as well as retail and hospitality spaces,” said Jake Slatnick, CEO and founder of FreePower. “We knew it was possible, but also that it would take some work. Seamlessly embedding technology into stone isn’t something consumers or fabricators could do on their own; it required us to develop brand-new tooling processes perfected over a long series of iterations. We can’t wait to work with the design community to bring this elegant technology to market.”

FreePower for Countertop was nominated for three 2024 Best of KBIS Awards for 2024 in the Style Statement: Kitchen, Game-Changing Innovation, and Best in Show categories.

How FreePower for Countertop Works
To maintain a smooth, sleek, and uninterrupted countertop design, FreePower is embedded into the stone itself. Aside from the glow of its proprietary halo, there is no indication of a wireless charger lying just beneath the surface: no ridges to cause a spill, no bumps to inhibit use of the counter, and no crevices to fill with grime. The halo indicates the charging zone, controlled by an app where users can customize the colors, from subtle white to multicolor “party mode.” It can be dimmed completely, then reactivated with a magical feature called “Wave to Wake” – simply wave a smartphone over the charging zone, and it lights up to guide the way for placement.

FreePower for Countertop is also software upgradeable, ensuring that the investment made in this embedded technology can last for years as smartphones and other devices continue to evolve.

How To Get Started
To learn more about FreePower for Countertop, including the fabrication process and certification program, check out FreePower at KBIS at booth #N1374 in the North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, or visit


About FreePower
Founded in 2017, Phoenix-based FreePower is setting a new standard for wireless charging through its discreet hardware and software solution that offers complete freedom of placement across surfaces. With more than 230 patent assets, FreePower is the only solution that pushes the long-standing boundaries surrounding wireless charging, achieving superior levels of convenience and elegance. Compatible with all major devices, including Apple, Samsung, Google and more, FreePower is the future of wireless charging in residential and commercial spaces. To learn more about FreePower, visit

Media Contact:
Emily Ondercin-Bourne, Flying Camel
Cell: 905-818-3762