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FLUSH: Celebrating Bathrooms Past & Present

Jan 5, 2016

Acclaimed Photographer Captures the Bathroom

Here’s a first: a stunning photography book about our least explored room. FLUSH documents an array of visually striking bathrooms, from centuries past to the most contemporary. FLUSH is the latest book by photographer Steve Gottlieb, whose previous titles earned major national recognition.

“To create FLUSH,” says Gottlieb, “I threw my own discomfort downwind and poked my nose—and camera—into all manner of bathrooms—minute to massive, grungy to gilded, outhouses to airplanes. The book is a personal and, admittedly, quirky collection of images, accompanied by my idiosyncratic musings about bathroom history, culture, technology and trivia.” The book will appeal to those interested in photography, history, technology, sanitation, interior design…and to those who are curious about the room where they spend more than a year of their lives.

Specs: 136 pages; 94 color photos; softcover; 7 ½” h x 9” w (suitable for coffee table…or toilet tank).  $17.50…available from Amazon (Keywords: FLUSH + Gottlieb).  More info:     Visit: KBIS Booth # S6186  [FLUSH: The Book]

Sample Reviews

“Can a book about bathrooms be eloquent, artful, humorous, and downright surprising? You bet it can. Steve Gottlieb wonderfully covers the subject of the bathroom from history to lore to technology–in a way that is at once history book and masterful storytelling. You’d want this book for the photography alone. Half-photojournalism, half art photo, FLUSH is a spectacular coffee table book.                                                                     —Tom Gulley, The Tom Gulley (radio) Show

“FLUSH is a quirky, informational, out-of-the-box bathroom book that’s making waves in the business.”                                                 —Chelsie Butler, Kitchen & Bath Business magazine

“The book will appeal to those interested in photography, history, technology, sanitation, interior design.”                                                                                       —

“At first, bathrooms didn’t seem like a subject worth an entire book, but Gottlieb was quick to discover how everyone, no matter how sophisticated, has highly developed bathroom sensitivity.”                                                                                                                                  —

“We very rarely have authors on the program but we had to have you. FLUSH is really a great book with absolutely fantastic photography.”  —Carey Brothers, On the House (Nat’ly Syndicated Radio)

Media Contact:
Steve Gottlieb
(603) 305-8282

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