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LAS VEGAS • FEB 25 – FEB 27, 2025



Dec 15, 2022

Flowban is excited to be at KBIS for the first time with a fully certificated product. This clever device stops bathtubs from flooding and is entirely mechanical in operation. Bath floods can cost a lot of money, not just in the property where they occur but in a high rise, multiple properties can be affected. In some cases, ground-floor retail outlets such as shops and restaurants may have to be shut down to deal with the flood water.

Flowban is unique as it does more than just tell you that a flood is happening, it actually stops it from happening in the first place. No electronics or sensors can go wrong and re-setting is completely intuitive by the bather.

Flowban is simple to install, either in a new build or as a retrofit, and it can accommodate most types of bath waste and faucet configurations.
Tub floods are most common on jet tubs where the inlet flow rate exceeds the overflow capacity. Typically a large tub can take eight minutes filling time to cover the jets so the tub can be used. Just five minutes later the tub can be overflowing if not attended to. Flowban is like taking out an insurance policy except you know you will never have to claim because you will never have a tub flood.

Find out more at our booth W5061