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Fleurco 50 Years Of Know-How In Design, Quality and Service

Jan 17, 2014

It was in 1963 in Montreal with his partner Isaac Shiroky that Marvin Schachter, Robert Schachter’s father, the current owner, started Fleurco Industries ( LTD ), which manufactures the earliest shower doors.
Robert Schachter took over the family business in 1995, called Daxco Products . In 1998, Daxco becomes Products Fleurco and enters a new era. Robert Schachter brings his passion to the shower market and creates what would become one of the fastest growing glass shower door companies in North America.
Mark Reinisch joined FLEURCO in 1999, adding experience and energy to the day-to-day operations and quality control.
In 2002, FLEURCO introduces the Platinum series and brings a new standard in high-end quality frameless shower doors. Do-it-yourself installation is brought to the heavy frameless door. European styling hits North America.
With twenty years of experience in sales and corporate development, Michael Salamon joins FLEURCO and brings his unique drive and product knowledge to the team. FLEURCO enters the US market.
In 2004, FLEURCO designs the Monaco bathtub shield, which rapidly becomes its best-selling product. Two years later, FLEURCO introduces its QUAD acrylic shower base design and enters the acrylic base market. FLEURCO introduces the first walk-in shower doors. The EVOLUTION series in 2007 becomes fast a huge success.
It was in 2008 that FLEURCO changes the face of the glass shower door industry with the launch of the unique and original KINETIK shower doors, a stainless steel rolling system using German technology and half-inch thick glass. Fleurco introduces in 2009 the ROMA collection, the first totally new framed door design in decades.
Fleurco launches the new TITAN glass shower doors built with Italian self-closing intelligent hinges. Also in 2009, Fleurco enters the market segment of acrylic bathtubs with ARIA collection.
FLEURCO now offers the largest selection of styles acrylic bases and shower bases with seat and storage spaces ALESSA and URBANA on the market.
Why choose FLEURCO?

Fleurco works directly with approved dealers and distributors so that you partner with trained professionals to ensure that the Fleurco product you purchase will last you a lifetime. Selecting the correct product is an art as the bathroom is distinct as it has water flowing through the space. Any decisions made without guidance can result in costly repairs. Ensuring that the proper product fits the area allows you to rest assured that you have made the correct decision with proper guidance. With this knowledge you also have the peace of mind that Fleurco will support you with any issues you may encounter.
FLEURCO strongly encourages you to use our dealer locator on our website under Contact Us to find and purchase you Fleurco product from one of our approved dealers/resellers. By using FLEURCO’S efficient online tool, you can build a shower and get a price in few seconds.
Using approved dealers assures you that:
1. Your delivery will occur in a timely manner
2. You will receive the latest version of our product
3. You will have our full 10 year warrantee
4. You will not receive used or second quality product
5. You will receive an original FLEURCO product. There are many counterfeit lines trying to pass themselves off as FLEURCO. These copies although look similar are in no way representative of the original. Buying “fake” units is very costly in the short and long term.
FLEURCO is the fastest growing line of showers nationally. Should you wish to verify a dealer or find dealers in your area please call: In Canada 1800 993 0033 and in the United States 1 888 568 2121 and speak with a customer service advisor who will assist you.
Fleurco inc., a Canadian-based company, specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of a full range of shower and bath glass doors, shower bases and bathtubs. The company relies on the latest technologies to offer top quality products. Fleurco is recognized for its expertise, its know-how, top quality products and customer service both in Canada and the United States.
For more information, please contact:
Julie Magnan | Marketing Director
Tel.: 514 326 2222 ext. 152