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A Fashionable Walk on the Wild Side

Nov 19, 2014

Atlas Homewares adds an exotic element to their Dream Glass Collection with an alluring cheetah print

Animal prints are this fall’s fashion must-have, fashionistas are literally going wild for this new trend!  The key to making this exotic look “work” is moderation – just a touch here and there.  This season, the prints are a little more subdued and designers are opting to show their animal magnetism with accessories, making a bold statement in small doses. The always fashionable Adrienne Morea, creative director of Atlas Homewares, understands this completely and has embraced the quintessential cheetah print as the newest addition to her Dream Glass Collection of decorative hardware knobs.

“The cheetah print is so beautiful, so rich and vibrant,” said Morea. “Incorporating the print as a knob is such a clever way to introduce the cheetah look into a room without being overpowering. It adds the perfect element of fun and whimsy, but it does so in a manner that is sophisticated and elegant. I just love this look!”

The Cheetah Knobs are available in two configurations: a round knob with a matte black center, and a square knob accented with diamante fittings. Both measure 1.5” in width and retail for $22.98.


Under the creative direction of Adrienne Morea, Atlas Homewares has enhanced home décor with decorative hardware that is both inspiring and style driven. Drawing inspiration from everything from nature to global travel, the Atlas Designer strikes a connection with those who have an eye for fashion. Atlas Homewares  aspires to set the trend when it comes to decorative hardware. Each season brings a new collection ensuring a dynamic gallery from which to choose and longevity in an industry that demands a discerning eye.

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Atlas Homewares_Cheetah Knob
Atlas Homewares_Circular Cheetah Knob
Atlas Homewares_Square Cheetah Knob

Atlas Homewares_Cheetah Knobs