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Exhibitor Spotlight: Glideware – A Best of KBIS Success Story

Nov 21, 2014

Glideware has changed the face of kitchen storage, organizing cluttered kitchen cabinets and bringing ease to the cooking experience. Glideware vertically stores hanging pots and pans and, in doing so, extends the life of your kitchenware. David and Jenny Hall created Glideware in 2013 from their home in Colorado with the intention to create a solution for the disorganized kitchen; together they are committed to solve the problems of home organization.

Glideware is now selling in cabinetry stores in over 37 states, and the brand is currently sweeping across Canada. Recently featured in the Richelieu catalog, Glideware continues to make its mark, with its inclusion on the This Old House list of the 100 Best New Home Products of 2014. The Hall’s believe their membership in the NKBA and the choice to exhibit at KBIS have greatly attributed to Glideware’s incredible growth during the past year. However, it was their decision to enter the 2014 Best of KBIS competition that sealed their fate.

David and Jenny were encouraged to enter Glideware into the Best of KBIS because it was an opportunity for Glideware to stand out and take center stage among the many brands at KBIS. The Best of KBIS display wall provided them with a platform to highlight their product and provide additional marketing incentive. Only intending to receive some well-deserved recognition by being featured on “the wall,” the Hall’s were not expecting to win. Last year, Glideware received the 2014 Best of Kitchen: Silver Award. And business has been booming ever since: “We owe KBIS everything for helping us make our mark on the industry.”

Hear in Dave’s own words why KBIS exhibitors of any size should enter the Best of KBIS Awards:

What factors determined your decision to exhibit at KBIS?

“Members of the NKBA and fellow exhibitors encouraged us to present Glideware at KBIS 2014 in Las Vegas. When we first launched Glideware, we wondered, ‘How do we get exposure and start to brand ourselves starting from ground zero?’ During the branding process, we came across the NKBA and decided to join in hopes of qualifying the Glideware name. Through the NKBA, we have met many wonderful people in the industry who have provided us with great advice, support, and mentoring.

“An NKBA member, Donna, was so impressed with our product that she traveled from Delaware to our home in Colorado to meet with us. She introduced me to David Noe of Rev-A-Shelf and Karl Rudisser of Blum.

“David and Karl have acted as our mentors, helping us get focused and encouraged us to attend KBIS 2014; they have also encouraged us to mentor other up-and-coming brands and spread awareness of the advantages of being a part of KBIS. Our mentors assured us that attending KBIS would be worth it. We believe it is important to be validated by the industry’s professionals; regardless of how much we love our own product, it is their opinion that will make or break a brand.”

What factors determined your decision to enter the Best of KBIS Awards?

“The wall. We were afraid we would be lost in a sea of booths, but being on the Best of KBIS wall alongside major exhibitors made people aware of Glideware.”

What advantages have come from winning a Best of KBIS Award?

“The award gives Glideware validation. When I say we were a “Best of KBIS,” most people recognize the award as ‘from that show in Vegas.’ Because the show and the award are so widely known, it gives us an initial conversation starting point.

“The Best of KBIS award has caused our brand to grow exponentially and has introduced us to major distributors in the industry. Best of KBIS has placed Glideware in the spotlight for distributors and our target market to see.

“Our brand receives recognition from the Best of KBIS logo. The Best of KBIS logo is on every sticker, every postcard, and every piece of correspondence that goes out of our door. When people recognize the logo, Glideware is validated even further. When people are familiar with a brand, that brand is deemed trustworthy and likeable.”

Why is it important for exhibitors, regardless of company size, to enter Best of KBIS?

“The products are competing, not the brands. When we entered Best of KBIS, we did not expect to win; we thought the award would be given to a company that was heavily invested in the NKBA and KBIS. However, what we found was quite the opposite. We want prospective exhibitors to realize that every brand has an equal opportunity to win.

“Being a part of KBIS is one of the best investments we have ever made. Every time KBIS promotes the show and the award, the Best of KBIS winners benefit. As Glideware is continuously pushed out towards the kitchen and bath audience, we grow. That’s the power of KBIS.”


Best of KBIS winners are chosen by attendees who vote based on functionality, quality, flexibility, aesthetics, and innovation via the KBIS Mobile App, January 20-22 during the 2015 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Entries for Best of KBIS 2015 are due Friday, December 19, 2014. KBIS 2015 exhibitors can submit their product for Best of KBIS judging here. For more information about Glideware and other 2014 Best of KBIS winners, click here.

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Glideware Founders, Dave and Jenny Hall
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