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Elica Introduces Air Cooking Series as Its Newest Suite of Products

Jan 9, 2018

The Company Offers Six Series in Total, including Range Hoods, Induction Cooktops and Aspiration Cooktops to Bring Italian Style and Innovation into the Kitchen

FABRIANO, ITALY – Elica, the global leader in kitchen ventilation hoods, introduces the new Air Cooking series of products, which includes a range of induction cooktops equipped with wireless sensor technology, as well as the company’s first aspiration cooktop, NikolaTesla. The Air Cooking series is now the sixth suite of products offered by Elica.

“With the combination of elegant design, superior quality and the most advanced technology in the industry, our new Air Cooking series revolutionizes cooking in the kitchen,” said Francesco Casoli, Elica President and Chairman.

NikolaTesla is Elica’s first aspirating induction cooktop, which combines the functions of two appliances—cooktop and hood—into one single product. The Golden induction cooktops are also within the Air Cooking series and feature smart, wireless technology to communicate with select Elica range hoods. Available in 24-, 30- and 36-inch widths, Golden cooktops offer stylish design and sophisticated convenience.

TWEET THIS: With the addition of the new Air Cooking series, @elicaspa now offers 6 series of products to bring #ItalianDesign and exceptional air quality to the kitchen: Air Cooking, Techne PLUS, Techne, Elica PRO, Iconic and Comfort #rangehoods

Elica’s full range of product series include:

  • Techne PLUS: These range hoods are equipped with sensors that measure temperature and moisture and automatically adjust to handle the cooking vapors being generated. When paired with an Elica induction cooktop, wireless technology allows the range hood and cooktop to work seamlessly together, even turning the range hood on and off to deliver optimum performance and unparalleled convenience.
  • Techne: The Techne series of range hoods bring everyday Italian living into the kitchen, featuring classic Italian designs and are loaded with functional technologies that deliver convenience and high performance.
  • Elica PRO: For those inspired by the culinary arts and gourmet cooking, the Elica PRO series of range hoods deliver professional style cooking with bold designs, as well as the supreme durability, quality and high performance that top chefs desire.
  • Iconic: Iconic series hoods are uniquely Italian, with a focus on design that makes a statement in any home. These models provide captivating beauty, and their quiet and efficient blowers easily handle your cooking needs.
  • Comfort: The Comfort series of range hoods feature highly popular Italian hood designs, which are equipped with a core set of features that deliver functionality, performance and a high level of value to the consumer.


For more information about Elica and its products, please visit

Elica offers full suite of hoods and cooktops that span six product series: Air Cooking, Techne PLUS, Techne, Elica PRO, Iconic and Comfort. Click to watch a short video on the new NikolaTesla aspiration cooktop.

The new Stoney Island range hood uses wireless sensor technology to detect activity on the cooktop and constantly monitors temperature and moisture to operate automatically.

About Elica

Elica Corporation has been leading the kitchen ventilation hood market since the 1970s, growing to become the global leader in the industry with seven factories around the world and nearly 4,000 employees. The Elica Americas division is located in Queretaro, Mexico, and started operations in 2006 with the goal of elevating ventilation hood design and technology in the American markets. For more information about Elica ventilation hoods, induction cooktops, or any of its innovative technologies, visit



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The new Stoney Island range hood uses wireless sensor technology to detect activity on the cooktop and constantly monitors temperature and moisture to operate automatically.