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Electrolux Introduces New Induction Free Standing Range

Nov 8, 2013

Delivering superior results in less time, with better precision and cool-to-the-touch surfaces

Transform meals and reduce prep time with Electrolux’s new Induction Free Standing Range.  Now available for the first time to the mass consumer market at a lower price point, the new unit features the latest in induction technology and new time-saving capabilities that help deliver the results of a professional chef at home.

“Induction meets consumers’ desire to achieve top chef results at home,” says John Terzo, senior vice president and general manager of Cooking Products for Electrolux North America. “We are excited to take this technology, incorporate it into a free standing range with a new, innovative self-cleaning oven system and deliver it to the marketplace at nearly $1,000 less than previous induction ranges.”

The Electrolux Induction Free Standing Range boasts the ultimate in precision, ensuring that chocolate melts perfectly and tuna has just the right amount of sear every time. Common in kitchens across Europe’s culinary capitals, induction cooking offers greater temperature control and more even cooking. A signature feature of induction cooking – the ability to boil water in just 90 seconds – is offered on the new range via the Power Assist® feature. Induction cooking is also more energy efficient than gas or electric. The transfer of heat directly to the cookware via magnetic energy also keeps the cooktop cooler to the touch, making it safer and easier to clean.

The range’s oven is outfitted with Perfect Convect3®, convection technology that produces consistently even results, up to 30 percent faster cooking times, and even more baking options via a third convection element. The Rapid Preheat feature expedites warming 25 percent faster than traditional ovens, and clean-up is made even simpler with the new, innovative Fresh Clean™ self-cleaning system that cleans ovens with virtually no odor or smoke of a conventional self-cleaning oven.

The new range is available in stainless steel and retails for $2,099. Please visit for more information.

About Electrolux

Electrolux is a global leader in household appliances and appliances for professional use, selling more than 50 million products to customers in more than 150 markets every year. The company focuses on innovative solutions that are thoughtfully designed, based on extensive consumer insight, to meet the real needs of consumers and professionals. Electrolux products include refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, cookers, air-conditioners and small appliances such as vacuum cleaners sold under esteemed brands like Electrolux, AEG, Eureka and Frigidaire. In 2012 Electrolux had sales of $16.3 billion ($5.1billion in North America alone) and 58,000 employees. The Electrolux North American headquarters is located at 10200 David Taylor Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262 in University Research Park, where they have been based for three years. For more information go to