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EGGER presents the rolling Decorative Collection 24+

Jan 8, 2024

EGGER presents the rolling Decorative Collection 24+

With the new Decorative Collection 24+, the EGGER Group presents a unique, innovative rolling collection concept for distributors, architects and fabricators. It includes: inspiring new introductions, established decors and a multitude of digital services.

With its inaugural North American Decorative Collection, launched in 2020 for distributors, architects and fabricators with the company’s first North American production facility in Lexington, N.C., EGGER Wood Products successfully entered the North American market. With the new edition of the collection, which will hit the market in February 2024, the global wood-based material producer will add a new chapter to its success story. “We are experiencing challenging times. The past four years of the collection period have been characterized by change and uncertainty. Special market requirements, a dynamic competitive environment and fast-moving trends have encouraged us to completely rethink the concept of our Decorative Collection”, says Hubert Höglauer, Head of Product Management and Marketing Furniture and Interior Design.

As part of the Decorative Collection 24+, EGGER will present its first ever rolling collection concept. This means updates to the collection will occur at least every two years, removing the need to periodically overhaul the line in its entirety. “This rolling concept allows us to react faster to new trends, new influences and new product innovations. Despite shorter update cycles, we guarantee that all new introductions remain in place for at least a period of four years. This provides planning security for our customers’ projects”, says Hubert Höglauer, summarizing the concept of the Decorative Collection. EGGER’s distribution partners as well as architects and fabricators will receive a globally uniform decor and product portfolio, which will always be up to date. Regional needs will be addressed through localized stock programs.

As part of its new collection concept, the wood-based material manufacturer will also debut a new way for customers to interact with the collection by intertwining our digital and analogue services together. “Digitalization offers new opportunities. The focus is on linking our physical Collection folder with the new website, which will also be launched in February 2024, as well as the revised Decorative Collection App. Utilizing the samples in our Collection folder, customers will be able to visualize their décor selections in different room settings, see the appropriate décor combinations and learn about product availability, creating a completely new service experience for our customers,” predicts Hubert Höglauer.

Time for more possibilities and solutions

EGGER presents the Decorative Collection 24+ under the motto “Time for more”, offering its direct and indirect customers more possibilities and solutions during times of change and upheaval. “In February 2024, we will launch inspiring new introductions as well as established decors, sustainable products and a multitude of digital services that expertly complement our comprehensive Collection folder,” says Hubert Höglauer. The Decorative Collection 24+ includes more than 80 décor and texture combinations, 70 Eurodekor decors in the established EGGER décor match, including 30 new introductions and 9 PerfectSense decors with 2 new additions.


Founded in 1961 in St. Johann in Tyrol, Austria, EGGER Group is a more than $4.89 billion privately-held, family-owned company that employs more than 11,000 associates. EGGER is a global leader in the manufacturing of wood-based materials for the furniture and interior design, flooring and building products industries. The company’s extensive, value-added product range includes thermally fused laminate (TFL), laminates, edge banding, raw particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and MDF Mouldings. EGGER operates 22 plants globally, including EGGER Wood Products LLC in Lexington, N.C., the company’s first production facility in North America. The state-of-the-art particleboard manufacturing plant, with TFL lamination capacity, started production in September 2020. The total investment of the project, once completed, will be approximately $700 million and will create an estimated 770 direct jobs. For more information about EGGER, visit