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Edgewood by KML – Faux Wood Finish Feels Like For Real Wood

Dec 3, 2014

KML Designer Finishes has created Edgewood, a laminate that looks and feels like real wood.

With some products, seeing and feeling is believing. Come by the KML booth to experience it for yourself.

Here’s why KML is right for your next bathroom or kitchen project. It comes in 14 exotic wood designs and four eco-friendly substrates, all while preserving the precious resources that these laminates are made to look and feel like. On top of that, Edgewood features:

  • Superior water resistance
  • Superior color consistency
  • Superior fade resistance

Once you get a feel for Edgewood you’ll want to share it with your client, team, or boss. KML will send you home with a swag bag that includes an Edgewood swatch chain. Larger samples are always available through KML’s website.

For more information about Edgewood and KML Designer Finishes, go to

KML is a composite panel industry leader whose innovations, personal customer care, and hard-earned reputation for following through on commitments sets them apart. Running seven presses in two state-of-the-art facilities allows the company to offer variety and quantity (4,000 panels a day, 800 patterns and textures). While they’ve grown from a strong regional company into a national laminate leader, they’re committed to staying friendly and responsive.

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KML_Edgewood Tenino Walnut
KML_Edgewood Tan

KML_Edgewood Aloe
KML_Edgewood Brown