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Design the 2014-2015 3iE™ Thermostat Collection by Warmup®

Dec 13, 2013

What colors & designs are “in” for 2014?

Warmup® is calling for design professionals and students to redesign the 3iETM touch-screen thermostat. Selected pieces will be submitted for vote, and the winning designs will actually be produced and sold.

Be part of a real design contest. Put your name on the wall!

A- Enter the contest by submitting the form attached below.
You will be sent the DTP files to serve as basis to propose your new design. You will submit:

1.Your final design

2.A name for your submission

3. One to 5 pictures of color palettes, textures or rooms in which your design would fit.

B- You can submit 1 to 5 new themes: this includes the face and rim of the 3iETM. Any color, pantone or design can be printed on the face. Your submission can be as simple or creative as you desire, but keep in mind it is your submission for the best-selling items in 2014.

1. You can change the rim color and appearance (mat, gloss)

2. Submit a theme, color or graphic for the faceplate

3. You can change the icon shape below the screen, but you will need to relate to the current meanings of (from left to right): “ok/select”, “back/cancel”, “up”, “down”.

4. You can change the icon shape of the buttons on the left and right of the screen but you must keep 3 of them, or allow for the 3 backlit items to show.

5. ‘WARMUP®’ logo must appear on the device, but it can find its place anywhere, in any color.

C- Once received, WARMUP® KBIS Team will sort the proposals so that there will be no duplicated choices. Identical or almost identical submissions will be screened by our own Marketing department and only one will be submitted. We will reduce the final list to 20 designs.

D- Public will vote online. The 5 most popular colors and/or patterns by January 15th will win the contest. They will be manufactured and put for sale as part of WARMUP® line of products.
See Rules & Regulations for details and prizes.