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Go green with new Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone veneers from Cultured StoneGoGreen

Oct 18, 2018

Go green with new Pro-Fit®
Terrain™ Ledgestone veneers from Cultured Stone

Contemporary line meets
tough environmental standards, remains easy to install

– Builders,
architects and remodelers looking for precision-fit stone veneer options that
meet today’s highest green-building standards need look no further than the Cultured Stone
Terrain™ Ledgestone
. Available in Arctic, Ethos, Trek, and Arcadia
shades, the new line blends fine Cultured Stone textures and relief patterns to
provide trade professionals with exquisitely engineered, contemporary design
options. In an era when more residential and commercial projects are going
green, Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone also stands out as an environmental leader.

“Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone meets the
highest indoor-air quality standards and, like all Cultured Stone products, it
has received National Green Building Certification,” said Emily Bonilla, Product
Development Manager at Cultured Stone. “This distinction underscores Cultured Stone’s
commitment to create stunning products that not only beautify spaces but also
help to protect the environment.”

new Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone helps #builders, #architects and #remodelers
meet #LEEDbuilding requirements and positions @Cultured_Stone as a
#greenbuilding leader in #stoneveneer.

Other environmental benefits include:

  • Pro-Fit
    Terrain Ledgestone contains an average of 58 percent recycled content and
    benefits from a closed-loop recycling system that allows the company to
    reuse water during the manufacturing process.

  • Cultured
    Stone products include a 50-year limited warranty and do not require
    painting, coating or sealing once installed.

Like all Pro-Fit products, Terrain
Ledgestone offers a practical way to achieve a tailored ledgestone look with
small-scale, low-relief stones. It’s quick and easy to install because it isn’t
applied one stone at a time. Instead, the primary building blocks are groups of
small stones meticulously bundled together to form modular components of equal

Pro-Fit Terrain Ledgestone is available
throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit
or call 800-255-1727.