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Cooking Versatility, Superior Performance Define 2013 Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Grill Line

Apr 1, 2013



Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet™ – the innovation leader in high-end outdoor cooking and entertaining equipment – offers an assortment of nine grills that will change the way casual grillers, barbecue enthusiasts and chefs cook outdoors.


Kalamazoo’s Hybrid Fire Grills™ combine the convenience of a gas grill with the superior heat characteristics of a charcoal grill and the flavor of a wood grill or smoker. Backyard barbecuers can use these different fires separately or in combination to pursue any outdoor cooking technique – grill, smoke, sear, roast, rotisserie and more – all on one grill.


Changing fuels is as easy as opening a drawer. Simply leave the patent-pending Hybrid Fire Grilling Drawers™ empty to use a Kalamazoo as a gas grill, or load them with wood or charcoal and use the main burners below to start a solid-fuel fire.


H-shaped custom-cast, brass Dragon Burners™ deliver linear control zones, with each 25,000 BTU burner tailoring the heat to a specific section of the cooking area. Burgers can be cooked at one temperature while vegetables get their appropriate amount of heat; each on their own custom laser-cut cooking surface. Gas cooking temperatures range from 250ºF to 700ºF+. When using charcoal or wood, temperatures extend from 150ºF to 1,200ºF.


The grills also feature a dedicated ignition burner to fire the main burners. This “pilot light” is part of the most reliable ignition system in the market. The special-purpose burner is paired with electronic hot surface ignition and an engineered “flash tube” to ensure quick starts, even in the windiest conditions. The ignition burner can also be used alone for low-temperature smoking and barbecuing.


Sleek and streamlined, the grills’ exterior is inspired by minimalist architecture. The design aesthetic gives them the ability to fit harmoniously into almost any outdoor kitchen design style or patio setting.


The Kalamazoo, Michigan-made Hybrid Fire Grills come in three sizes and nine models. They range in price from $9,995 to $20,695 and include built-in and free standing options:

  • K500: two burners, 506 square inches of primary cooking surface, 50,000 main burner BTUs

  • K750: three burners, 726 square inches of primary cooking surface, 75,000 main burner  BTUs

  • K1000: four burners, 1,012 square inches of primary cooking surface, 100,000 main burner BTUs


“Our goal at Kalamazoo is to continue delivering the ultimate outdoor cooking experience,” said Pantelis A. “Pete” Georgiadis, chairman of Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. “Our new Hybrid Fire Grill line has taken the best grill on the planet and made it even better. You cook on it and you are hooked for life! Our Hybrid Fire Grills will outcook, outlast and outperform any other grill on the market.”


EDITOR’S NOTE: To learn more about the Hybrid Fire Grills, request high resolution photographs  or an interview with Russ Faulk, vice president of product development, about grills or outdoor kitchen trends, contact Chris Mordi at 312.423.8714 – office, 815.701.2823 – mobile,