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Brondell’s VivaSpring Filtered Showerhead Sets a New Standard in Its Category with Maximum Filtration and Killer Design

Dec 7, 2018


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Brondell’s VivaSpring Filtered Showerhead Sets a New Standard in Its Category with Maximum Filtration and Killer Design

San Francisco, CA – November 16, 2018

                From beauty bloggers to professional health enthusiasts, everyone’s now talking about what’s become perhaps the biggest innovation to the shower since 3-in-1 soap. We’re talking about the filtered showerhead. For a few years now, the market has emerged out of growing concerns about harmful chlorine absorption – be it through hair, skin or lungs. Many home and bath manufacturers rushed to meet the demands of a healthier shower but, in their haste, left something to be desired – quality components and sleek design.

                Enter Brondell and their VivaSpring Filtered Showerhead with 100% patented copper-zinc alloy filtration and a stunning 60-nozzle rainfall sprayer head.

                “We didn’t just want to rush into the market to capitalize on a trend,” says Steve Scheer, Brondell’s President. “In true Brondell fashion, we innovated a product that’s not only engineered for function but looks like something you’d be proud to show off.”

                With a sleek chrome finish, wide-radius spray head, and two face color options, obsidian black and slate grey, VivaSpring proves you can really have it all in terms of health, beauty, function, feel, and design. With their mission to bring you stronger hair, softer skin, and a better shower, Brondell has once again knocked it out of the park in the healthy home category. The VivaSpring Filtered Showerhead seems to fit perfectly with their distinct line of healthy home products and is a standout in the trend for a healthier shower.

About Brondell

With over 15 years in the business of healthy home innovations, Brondell brings a unique perspective to the kitchen and bath industry. Brondell has its roots in technology, a keen eye toward design, and a scrappy San Francisco startup spirit. In their mission to bring the hi-tech bidet market to the American consumer, they’ve managed to imagine some of the most innovative and bestselling products in their class while expanding into the markets of smart air purification and efficient water filtration. Over the years, they’ve garnered a reputation for disrupting the status quo, winning awards from Wired, Good Housekeeping, Home Magazine and many others for their distinct products and pioneering vision.